Solo Shows

Toyin Odutola "My Country Has No Name"
A recent graduate of California College of the Arts, Toyin Odutola is already celebrating her second show at Jack Shainman Gallery in NYC. The energetic artist produces ink works on paper from her studio in Alabama, updating friends and fans through...
Michael Bauer
Initially catching our eye at the recent NADA NYC fair, Michael Bauer has made an impression in the European art market for years with his energetically moody compositions. The German artist recently set up shop in New York, and in celebration...
Wherever You Go
Dark, densely textured images seem to float on the stark white walls of the Marlborough Chelsea, the mostly massive black and white photographs fill the space with an almost unrecognizable, vaguely ominous mood. "Wherever You Go" is a considered...
The Same
After two years of absence from the art scene, Lin Tianmiao is back for the largest solo exhibition of her career with new works at Beijing Center for the Arts (BCA). As one of the most important Chinese contemporary female artists, she's renowned...
Dark Sun
Photographer Ari Marcopoulos, who got his start as an assistant to Andy Warhol, documents the diverse and often gritty subcultures of American youth. His new solo exhibition, "Dark Sun"—opening tonight at Nike's Bowery Stadium in NYC—...
New Work by Orfeo Quagliata
Though master of crystal and glass design Orfeo Quagliata, 39, has been producing his own transparent wonders for several years (he's been working with glass since age 12 and heads up Phuze Design), a recent collaboration with Swarovski Elements...
Ugly-Kid Gumo
As rebels against not just art world norms but against conventions for public space, many see graffiti as by definition disagreeable. Artists like Ugly-Kid Gumo embrace that position, providing commentary through art that originated on the street...
Field Recordings
Bryan Graf uses nature to make photos that are incredibly beautiful without being overly romantic. In his 2010 series "Wildlife Analysis," the artist's photographic studies of the woods and swamps around his native New Jersey using black and white...
Eli Ping
Stark yet colorful works that fall somewhere between painting and sculpture, NYC-based artist Eli Ping's practice is a study of unexpected tension in form, subject and tone. Ping says he's "ultimately interested in materials and process, and accomplishing...