South Korea

Premiere: "For Everything That You Lost" by Jambinai
South Korean trio Jambinai—equipped with the country's expressive traditional instruments—pluck, bow and breathe fury and drama into their experimental post-rock music. While the members showed off their technical prowess in the performance video...
Jambinai: They Keep Silence
Almost an antithesis to manufactured K-pop is South Korean band Jambinai, who use their country's traditional instruments to rock out with intensity as seen in their music video for experimental metal track "They Keep Silence." Eun Youg Sim vigorously...
Four Seasons Seoul
While Psy's catchy song "Gangnam Style" brought the urbanized, Western-influenced region south of the Han River to everyone's lips across the globe, its counterpart Gangbuk (translating to "north of the river") is where you'll find the Seoul's old...
Park Hyatt Seoul
While there isn't a cloak of glamour surrounding it like its sister venue in Tokyo (the backdrop to Sofia Coppola's film "Lost in Translation"), Park Hyatt Seoul balances design and luxury in a respectful, low-key manner. From its modest height...
World Clock by 11+
South Korean design house 11+ is quickly gaining a reputation for its elegant yet approachable modern take on home accessories. The World Clock is an interactive desk clock that stylishly masks its complexity in a simple, minimalist design. A cylindrical...
CLAE + LIFUL Capsule Collection
While Japan may garner more attention than its neighboring countries combined when it comes to fashion design, those in the know have been watching Korea in recent years. Why? Because of brands like LIFUL. The modern menswear brand makes clean...
Lee Bul
Acclaimed international artist Lee Bul currently has a show at NYC's Lehmann Maupin, bringing together futuristic works that are at once massive and meditative. Dealing mainly with what Lee calls our "disappointment about modern life," the show...
Interview: Jung Lee
Graduating with an MFA from the esteemed Royal College of Art in London, South Korean artist Jung Lee not only studied the theory and practice of photography, but also the art of a foreign language—English. Ever since, she has been probing and wrestling...
On a recent trip to Seoul, CH had the chance to check out the degree show at Hongik University, a school that has one of the strongest fine arts and design programs in South Korea. One of the projects that attracted a fair amount of attention was...