September Scotch: The Balvenie Embraces Peat
One of the most popular and critically acclaimed single malt scotch brands (together no small feat in such a highly competitive category), The Balvenie entices and appeases lovers of Speyside whisky. The winning recipe here is a portfolio of complex...
Four Glen Grant Scotch Cocktails For All Seasons
Last year was a big one for Speyside single malt Scotch brand Glen Grant. They introduced 12 and 18 Year Old expressions—both of which went on to great acclaim (with the latter taking the Scotch Whisky of the Year award from revered critic Jim Murray...
40 Years Old Sherry Oak Scotch
Age is but a number, in most instances, Scotch not included. With The Macallan's latest age statement release, the exquisite 40 Years Old (at 45% ABV), the impact of sherry oak casts translates to ginger and cinnamon spiciness. Entirely unexpected...
The Macallan Double Cask
It's safe to say that The Macallan (Sherry Oak) 12 is one of the best bets when purchasing an unpeated single malt. The cost per value stands higher than just about any other Scotch on the market. Why then, would The Macallan release an additional...
September Scotch: Glenfiddich Gets Experimental
All single malt whisky drinkers know the name Glenfiddich and have most likely consumed one or many of its expressions. It's another renowned Speyside-style portfolio hailing from Duffton, Scotland with centuries of history behind its development...