Standing Desks

Humanscale's QuickStand
Many of us long for jobs that don't require sitting down for eight (or more) hours a day. For those who don't want to change what they do, just how they do it, Humanscale's QuickStand is the latest in their line of products that changes your seated...
Two New Flexible Standing Desk Options
If you've made a New Year's Resolution to get up and be active more often, switching to a standing desk makes for a reasonable action item. As it turns out, standing up all day in the office doesn't work for everyone, so it's wise to find a flexible...
Artifox's Hardwood Standing Desks
While St. Louis, Missouri's Artifox design studio notes that they've drawn inspiration for their standing desks from traditional writing desks, there's definitely more to these than that. Their new Maple Standing Desk 01 and Walnut Standing Desk...
Three Ergonomic Desk Additions
It's no secret that prolonged periods of sitting isn't good for one's health. Hammering away at a keyboard for hours on end is a new phenomenon in the scope of human evolution, and research shows our bodies aren't made for the sedentary life. Heightened...
Mogo by Focal Upright
At only two lbs., furniture maker Focal Upright's new Mogo seat is fully collapsible, entirely portable and—perhaps surprisingly—downright comfortable. It goes from transport mode to standing position in two easy steps, transforming from a light...