Street Style

Ari Seth Cohen's "Advanced Style: Older & Wiser"
Ari Seth Cohen's delightful and inspirational Advanced Style project exists in many forms—from a documentary to a blog, Instagram and now a second hardcover tome: "Advanced Style: Older and Wiser"—again published by Brooklyn's powerHouse Books. The...
Fashion Meets Function with ADAY's Activewear
We've seen the rise of independent brands like Outdoor Voices blurring the line between gym attire and streetwear, and fellow newcomer ADAY sets the bar high for apparel that can perform, but also, not look like gym attire. In fact, a quick scroll...
Rest in Peace, Elio Fiorucci
Yesterday, 20 July, one of the most colorful lights of the international fashion faded away. Elio Fiorucci has, for decades, been a reference for those who consider fashion as a synonym for freedom, color, fun, love. Fiorucci could seek and understand...
GL NYC Hats by Gabriel Liberty
While Pharrell may be able to pull off vintage Vivienne Westwood hats—no matter how Smokey the Bear they look—those just warming up to headwear beyond baseball caps and beanies are in need of something that's contemporary yet wearable. Enter GL NYC...
Interview: Gemma Shiel of Lazy Oaf
Don't be misled by the pink-haired, effervescent yet sensible Gemma Shiel. The creative mastermind behind the London-based label Lazy Oaf has a youthful energy that manifests in the saucy, playful apparel she and her team designs, but she's been...
Like a fantasy wardrobe on your iPhone, the new high fashion styling app FIGR allows users to playfully experiment with the latest runway looks and street style ensembles with the swipe of a finger. The app contains a large, consistently-updated...
Cycle Style vs. Cycle Chic
The North Atlantic Ocean may take hours to cross by plane but when it comes to the infiltration of bicycle culture—and specifically, the urban cycling aesthetic—the distance ceases to exist. Case in point: as we were busy attending the...