Ted Fellows

Usman Riaz's "The Glassworker"
At TEDGlobal 2012, a then-21-year-old Pakistani musician and artist named Usman Riaz stunned onlookers with an otherworldly percussive guitar demonstration, and further captivated them with the knowledge he learned how to do it all online. Riaz...
Fotokite Phi GoPro Carrying Quadcopter
Utilizing the same technology as their professional model (used by the BBC for special programming and broadcast coverage), Swiss electronics company Perspective Robotics AG has just announced their consumer-oriented quadcopter follow-up, the Fotokite...
Interview: 2015 TED Fellow eL Seed
Born and raised in Paris to Tunisian parents, graffiti artist eL Seed has left his mark all over the world (from the Jara Mosque to canyons to Louis Vuitton scarves), by spray-painting universal messages that funnily enough, the majority of viewers...
Laurel Braitman Reads Pets' Minds
Senior TED fellow and science historian Laurel Braitman delivered one of the most engaging talks at TED's 2014 conference. Her topic? Animal psychology and the emotional spectrum of pets. Braitman has studied the history of science for years—most...
Bora Yoon: Sunken Cathedral
Chicago-raised, NYC-based composer (and professional soprano) Bora Yoon has the uncanny ability to blend recorded samples that depict everyday life—her mother's voicemails, Bible pages, aluminum cans, loose change—with the dreamiest and holiest of...
TED Fellows 2014: Fifth Anniversary Talks
Earlier this week, we had the privilege to witness the fifth anniversary of the TED Fellows program, one that traditionally kicks off the week of TED with a boom. While last year brought the greater creative community to Long Beach, this year Vancouver...
Molecular Flipbook
Janet Iwasa isn't the average biochemistry researcher. Frustrated by inadequate drawings representing the work she and her fellow scientists were doing, she felt there was a better way. Though she had no background in art or animation, Iwasa saw...
Sheryl Connelly's 2013 TED Notes
Each year we travel to Long Beach, CA for TED and each year, though armed with inspiration anew, we'd leave with scattered notes—hammered out on an iPad or illegibly scribbled alongside speaker bios in the TED program—that hardly do justice to the...
Highlights from the 2013 TED Fellows
Four years have passed since the first TED Fellows took the stage, and in that time the community has grown to 310 total members representing 75 countries. The current crop of 20 impressed the crowd yesterday as they discussed current and future projects...