Pal Zileri and The Future of Tailoring
What is the difference between tailored and factory menswear? Often we consider these two categories as distant or even conflicting. However, there are many who actually know how to combine these both, companies that use industrial processes to...
Pure Silver Garment Brush
For those who take their wardrobes seriously, nothing less than the finest care tools will do. Take, for example, the Pure Silver Garment Brush by Oswald Haerdtl—with tarnish-resistant silver edged in subtle ticking and all-natural fibers, the sprucing...
Samuelsohn Performance Weatherproof Suits
Any suit-wearing individual caught in an unexpected storm or using a not-so-effective umbrella understands the discomfort of wet dress attire. Wool absorbs moisture and makes it more manageable, but wet wool also certainly carries a scent when saturated...
Custom Suiting from REISS
You don't necessarily need to have a background in fashion to successfully design your own suit. With a little bit of curiosity, creativity and a desire to wear something above and beyond the ordinary—and with the help of UK fashion brand REISS...
Darn and Dusted Bespoke Denim Repairs
Few clothes have as much emotional value to their wearer as the perfect pair of jeans, or that denim jacket that fits just right. The fact that denim often has to be broken in means people get really attached to their favorite piece—whether that...
Cask Chronicles
A master of bespoke tailoring, Duncan Quinn can typically be found presiding over the bold interior of his atelier on Spring Street in NYC. The ambience fits Quinn, who made a name by importing Saville Row techniques with the color and flare of a...
Massif Collection
The sartorial lines are being blurred. Business and casual, sporty and buttoned-up, military and civilian—it's no longer possible (or wise) to judge a man by the cut of his suit. Most innovation results from cross-pollination: you take two...
M.Nii Winter 2012
Shortly after the conclusion of WWII a movement was beginning on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. While Honolulu drew in first-time vacationers, around the corner in the town of Makaha, surfing, both as a sport and a culture, was coming into its own...
3D Design
Advertorial content: 
 In an industry built on traditionalism and heritage before innovation, G-Star RAW continues to push the envelope with next-generation design. When the company first introduced the Elwood in 1996, the denim world hadn't seen...