The Handpoker by Death at Sea
Brooklyn studio Death at Sea turns to a time-honored craft for its latest 3D-printed offering, with the Handpoker—a tool for stick-and-poke tattoos. Death at Sea designer Matt Cavanaugh created the one-piece construction in stainless steel so it...
Cool Hunting Video: David Sena
Several years ago, we visited artist David Sena's studio to peep behind the curtain and find out about his unique process. Sena (who has given a few CH staff members tattoos in the past) creates large-scale artworks using an unusual method: the...
SuicideGirls: Hard Girls, Soft Light
by Tara Fraser While pin-up girls have been around in some form for more than 100 years, the duo behind SuicideGirls paved their way onto the scene in 2001 by taking an alternative approach to mainstream notions of beauty. These days SuicideGirls...
The Last Laugh
Take a bite out of death with "The Last Laugh," a pair of watches from Mr. Jones that sport hour and minute readouts on the bare teeth of human skulls. The hour marking on the upper teeth uses a "jump hour" feature that flips the time over on the...
Horikazu + Spiritual Skin
As one of the oldest forms of body decoration and religious art, tattooing plays a significant role in cultures all over the world. While the custom has been extensively documented, few published works present such detail as Traditional Tattoo in...
Beyond Elegance
Opening tonight, 13 November 2012 at 560 Washington Street in NYC, artists Todd James and Alexis Ross are joining forces in a joint show called "Beyond Elegance." Both pranksters in their own right, Ross and James are influenced by a self-taught...