Push Trio Dishes
Available in brass, steel or copper, this trio of dishes (joined together at their edges) arrives the same as each other, but then the owner can press and push them in order to expand to the shape they want. Blending mathematics, design and a little...
PARadISe Snow Globe
Pretty in pink, this snow globe from Colette spells out "paradise" but (in all-caps) also "Paris"—a very kitsch and sweet way of saying they are one and the same. The globe—measuring about 8.5cm by 8.5cm—is available in five colorways, with each one...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: House Proud
Some of the best presents to give your loved ones are things they would never buy for themselves—whether it's non-essential, something seemingly extravagant, useless but pretty or even self-indulgent. And yet, these oftentimes make for the most beautiful...
700 Nimes Road: An "Indirect Portrait" of Elizabeth Taylor
Including 129 full-color photographs by fine artist Catherine Opie, "700 Nimes Road" is a thoughtful, yet poignant exploration of Elizabeth Taylor's home (her "private sanctuary") and possessions at her Bel Air, Los Angeles address. While the concept...
Micah Spear's Sealed Contents Art Series
Artists have long toyed with the idea of value. From vision to materials, all artistic media begs to be considered for what it is as a whole—or what it is not. With his #SealedContents series, designer and artist Micah Spear subverts the value...
Scented Crying Candles by The Jacks
We've seen our fair share of handmade scented candles and thoughtful containers, but it's the ones hiding a devious personality underneath that really go the extra mile. PyroPet's cat and bird forms (which reveal a metallic skeleton inside) are a favorite...
HAY Mini Market Makes its US Debut
Design fair regulars are well-acquainted with HAY, which was founded in 2002 to provide quality, contemporary furniture at a democratic price point. Since then, the Danish design company has branched out into smaller products and accessories, collaborating...
Yoga Joes
Behold, your beloved plastic action figures with a twist—literally. Just funded on Kickstarter and now available for pre-order, Yoga Joes by Brogamats take on a series of unlikely asana poses with clever charm. Warriors, indeed.
Carved Wood Cactus
Artist Matt Austin has a knack for shaking up familiar motifs and making us look twice. This time, he's reimagined cacti in carved wood—simple, but brilliant.
CH Gift Guide: Cheeky Goods
Add a little humor to the holiday season by presenting friends and loved ones with a reason to laugh in the form of a useful object. From Perks and Mini's Carefree Willy keychain to Muffin Top muffin cups, or the gift everyone can get involved in...