Way Out Poster
The witty designers behind Copenhagen-based Playtype love using the typefaces they've created in fun, different ways, from monochromatic glyphs stamped on mugs to covering skateboards. Equally big and bold are their posters that make the most of a...
Collecting Words
There's something about text found outside of screens and pages, in the "wild," that grabs our attention. It's the way they make a declaration in the public realm, trying to join our personal conversations. For the past five years—starting around...
Miami Art Week 2015: In Words
As you wade through the sheer amount of artwork on view during Miami Art Week, there's something both compelling and divisive about the pieces incorporating words. They grab ahold of your eyes from far across the hall, drawing you in silently. Unlike...
Feminist Embroidery by Yes Stitch Yes
A sarcastic Tweet disappears almost instantaneously these days, but a brazen embroidered message only gets louder with every look. Edginess and individuality have been elevating fine needlework from a quiet hobby to cultural relevance for some...
Word as Image
Seeing the world through the eyes of Ji Lee means every billboard is a blank canvas, the alphabet has three-dimensional form and words are actually images. The former Creative Director at Google Creative Labs playfully communicates through visual...
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
A man seemingly obsessed with extraction, abstraction and repetition, Michael Riedel takes printed matter and toys with it until most sense is lost. With an almost "Matrix" style of approach, Riedel uses text to "write with writing," a technique...