The Thing Quarterly

The Thing Quarterly + Michelle Blade's Aura Scarf
Pushing artists to explore other mediums, conceptual object-based periodical The Thing Quarterly also hosts projects outside of their art-object subscription service (which "publishes" four times a season). They recently worked with visual artist...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 25
Since commissioning John Baldessari to create a set of pillowcases, the team at conceptual periodical The Thing Quarterly has been hard at work to send subscribers delightful (and usable) objects dreamt up by creatives—most recently a 12" LP designed...
The Thing The Book: A Monument to the Book as Object
Writers aren't the only ones who turn to paper pages as a creative canvas—George Maciunas' Fluxus Editions, Tom Phillip's Humument's "A Humument," and Tauba Auerbach's "RGB Colorspace Atlas" are all examples of artists who have explored the infinite...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 22
John Baldessari, the prolific visual artist and living legend hailing from southern California, has left nary a medium untouched—painting, photography, printmaking, video, sculpture, installation and more—in his quest to find beauty, drama and art...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 20
San Francisco-based conceptual publication The Thing Quarterly commissions artists, writers and other creative types to create a useful everyday object that incorporates text, sending epistolary shower curtains, onion cutting boards and more to...
The Thing Quarterly Issue 19 by David Shrigley
Illustrator David Shrigley may not be fond of going anywhere that's "more than two hours on a plane," but he is—luckily for all of us—a big fan of humor, and when you're inevitably delayed at the airport or sequestered on a long haul, Shrigley...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 18
For the 18th installment of The Thing Quarterly, the object-based periodical relied on Mike Mills to create a 2013 pocket calendar. Mills, a filmmaker and visual artist, has presented work at Sundance Film Festival and as part of MoMA's New Directors...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 16
For their upcoming issue, The Thing Quarterly reached out to literary and cultural icon Dave Eggers of McSweeney's and 826 Valencia. The collaboration announced today that the next shipment of quarterly objects will contain an epistolary shower...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 10
In the age of ubiquitous information, The Thing Quarterly brings back the element of surprise with a subscriber-powered publication kept under lock and key until delivery. Edited by Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, The Thing is "a periodical in the...