Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Bloody Beginning
On 14 March 1935 in the Bronx, New York, a man named Frank Spano was shot to death in front of his 12-year-old son Dominick. John Guerrieri, the man who held the gun, was their neighbor and father to Dominick's friend—and would later get off scot...
Under Armour Theatre Shanghai
Few things are as American as the idea that with a great work ethic, any individual can achieve anything—be it as grand a dream as becoming the president or a professional athlete or as seemingly basic as earning an education. While this fundamental...
Hello Kitty The Show
The first theatrical performance to immortalize the Japanese icon, Hello Kitty The Show is a collaboration between Italian school of performing arts Mas and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio, currently on view at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan through 28 February...
Orly Orbach
British artist Orly Orbach produces dark, mysterious illustrations of mythical figures and rituals. Her works are gathering acclaim in the UK film and theater industries, attracting attention for their atmospheric otherworldliness which lends itself...
Hoy Se Ensaya Hamlet
New Yorkers have long had the summertime privilege of Shakespeare In the Park, but only recently have Madrileños caught on. Like NYC, the city of Madrid boasts an abundance of independent theater, a beautiful park and now, as of this autumn...
Lauren Molina
If you're looking for a little sunshine to brighten up a cold winter day, check out the delightful debut album from indie pop singer-songwriter, Lauren Molina. An accomplished Broadway actress currently playing the role of Johanna in the national...
Monkey: Journey to the West
A fitting way to open Manchester's first-ever international festival, "Monkey: Journey to the West" is Damon Albarn's and Jamie Hewlett's (co-creators of Gorillaz) stage adaptation of an ancient Chinese legend . Dubbed a "...
Timothy Neve
A National Institude of Dramatic Arts graduate, renowned for theatre set and costume design, Timothy Neve creates identity with flair. Taking branding from "inception to unique advertising aesthetics," the Newcastle-based designer channels...
Battuta: The Zingaro Equestrian Theatre
French "cavalier" poet and performer Bartabas combines an unimaginable hybrid of horses, horsemen, musicians, images, and dance under the roof of one virtual stable/stadium to create "Battuta," a wild performance art experience...