Tile's Pro Series of Device Trackers
by Paul Armstrong Tile—now selling in over 200 countries and locating around two million items per day—wants out of the shadows and into the light. Thus, the tracking brand has created premium lines of their already popular locator, that little...
FAILE's Large-Scale Venice Beach Installation
741 California Ave in Venice Beach isn't your average city corner. Here, Brooklyn art duo FAILE have installed, by hand, 16,000 custom tiles inspired by the city's iconography. It stretches across the home of Rancho V's Rocco Gardner, occupying a facade...
Not So Ancient Tile #9
A wonderfully tongue-in-cheek piece by New Jersey-based multimedia artist Ray Geary, this "Not So Ancient Tile #9" is a delightful and unexpected addition to your art collection. Measuring 12 inches on each side, the tile is made from cast hydrostone...
Talbot + Yoon's Eccentric Design Objects
“We live in a tiny New York City apartment, as most people here do," explains Mark Talbot, co-founder—along with Youngjin Yoon—of Talbot + Yoon. "A lot of our inspiration was in trying to find solutions that were elegant but decorative in limited...
Tile Makes The Room: Good Design from Heath Ceramics
When Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic of Heath Ceramics set out to write a book celebrating the art and craft of tile, they looked for inspirational examples close to home and around the world. The result, “Tile Makes the Room," is filled with...
Blunt + Tile Smart Umbrella
Over the past few weeks we've toted around Blunt Umbrellas' latest offering, the Blunt XS_Metro + Tile. The brand initially drew attention for its sharp looks and patented indestructible design (the first patent on an umbrella sine 1922 except for...
Boca do Lobo Limited Edition
Portuguese design brand Boca do Lobo has once again created a statement piece incorporating extravagant, modern design details with grand stature. The heritage sideboard emulates the historic blue and white tile-work used in the brand's previously...
RVS by V Iznik Collection
For Turkish companies RVS and the Iznik Foundation, heritage is everything. Vidal Erkohen of RVS eyewear made his name by collecting vintage glasses, starting with his father's. "I remember one trip that [my father] came back from Italy wearing...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Iznik Tiles
by Gregory Mitnick A celebrated Turkish art form dormant for more than 300 years, Iznik tiles play an integral role in Turkey's Ottoman Empire history and the production of them today is a labor of love. In 1993 economics professor Dr. Iş...
Paolo Ulian for Le Fablier
Italy's Le Fablier, known for its impeccably-crafted classic wood furniture, in recent years has worked with a host of innovative designers to show how traditional style can translate in the future. In 2010 they collaborated with Gaetano Pesce on...
On the occasion of Milan's ongoing Design Week, Bisazza pays homage to Alessandro Mendini with an exhibition at La Triennale di Milano. In celebration of more than twenty years of collaboration between the Italian mosaic tile company and the design...
Bisazza Crystal Collection
Established a half-century ago in Northern Italy's Alte Vicenza region, Bisazza is one of the world's most innovative producers of glass mosaics both in terms of technical solutions and style. Their recently launched The Crystal Collection blurs...
Liberty Tiles
Trend USA's new collection called Liberty, designed by the skilled Italian mosaic artist Giulio Candussio, is a modern update to the ancient artform perfected by Greek and Roman artists thousands of years ago. The way the hand-cut glass tiles...
Bisazza: Contemporary Mosaics
Founded in 1956, Italian mosaic company Bissaza is a relatively young venture that has grown into a venerable business largely responsible for re-introducing lavish tile creations to interior design. In just over 50 years Bisazza has helped transform...
ICFF Preview: Bisazza Mini Cooper
Bisazza, the mosaic tile masters, have been touring a series of tile covered Mini Coopers. Their next stop? ICFF next week here in NYC. Check out Mini2 for some more press shots.
Photo Tiles
Photo Form makes Bas-relief tiles from any image you send them. There are lots of great texture examples on their site, but my favorite is this one made from an arial photo. The Arizona based company uses their own patent pending Photo Cast technology...