Time Lapse

Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Photos of Cuba Through the Lens of Its Youth Days before Fidel Castro died, National Geographic met with 21 young Cuban people (from students to professionals) and talked about what it means to them to be Cuban. The discussion was part of a...
Mysteries of the Unseen World
The current René Magritte exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (which concludes on 12 January), titled "The Mystery of the Ordinary," showcased surrealist paintings by the Belgian artist that challenged the way the viewer would perceive...
Galileo Remote Control
The team at Motrr are using motion control to push the boundaries of the iPhone's photo capabilities. The Galileo is a robotic dock that you can use to control the movement of your iPhone through simply the swipe of a finger—from any location, anywhere...
The past year has seen the kickstarting of heaps of useful camera tools for photographers and videographers, and the hits just keep on coming. Astro joins the pack as an intervalometer and motion control device for time-lapse photography. Three stacked...
Urban Jungle
Leading up to the New York International Auto Show Land Rover celebrated 25 years in the U.S. by staging an "Urban Jungle" in a parking lot beneath the High Line in Manhattan. Decorated with buried taxis and vintage Rovers, the course features hills...