Recon Instruments: Jet Smart Glasses
Wearable technology presents no shortage of possibilities, applications, innovations and, of course, challenges. Though Google has put Glass on hold (for now), other more specialized tech-enabled eyewear concepts are becoming very real consumer products...
The Ebove Bike from Activetainment
For most adrenaline-seeking mountain-bikers, sitting on a stationary bike is less of a substitute for the real thing and more cruel and unusual punishment. But as technology aids indoor trainers in becoming more engaging, staying bike-fit throughout...
Indoor Cycling Meets Entertainment with Zwift
Whether it's the dropping of temperatures, shortening of days or just plain lack of free-time, hitting the road for a lengthy ride isn't always in the cards. While indoor trainers for stationary riding continue to advance, giving cyclists more detailed...
The Yamaha Champions Riding School
On a cloudy morning in Millville, New Jersey, a group of men and women—who look like superheroes in full leather suits—gather around instructor Nick Ienatsch. "Clear your mind and have fun," he shouts. Ienatsch—who is the head instructor at The Yamaha...
Tybee Jump Rope
Launched with the mission to produce beautiful, simple objects for everyday use, General Manufacturing Concern is a project by former Best Made Co. designer Hunter Craighill. This durable walnut jump rope is lovingly handmade and features a leather...
Positively Dog Training
In the right hands, a clicker and a bag of treats can work wonders on an unruly pet. "Positively Dog Training" is a digital book from Open Air Publishing that hopes to provide some teacher training for new masters in the business of sitting, staying...
HTM Trainer+
Launching just a few miles from Olympic Park, Nike's latest take on their already incredible HTM Flyknit trainers sees the ultra lightweight shoe take new shape in a fresh set of hues. The HTM Trainer+ collection—designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara...
The New Nike+
Originally unveiled in 2006, Nike+ has grown to a committed community of over six million digitally connected users. To build upon this concrete foundation Nike has today announced the Nike+ basketball and training shoes embedded with pressure...
Ladies' Running Gear
With marathon season in full swing stateside, those looking to get in on the action either need to take their running regime indoors or layer up to beat the impeding cold air and wetter conditions. We've been road-testing gear for ladies from singlets...