Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Genius of Walter Becker Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker, who passed away last weekend, was widely regarded as one of music's greats—though not as a brilliant guitarist or vocalist, but rather a genius when it came to melodies. Both...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Artists and Designers React to Brexit With emotions running high across the Western world in reaction to the UK's decision to leave the EU, artists and designers have done what they do best: convey feelings through images. With responses ranging...
The Rooms Festival, Bristol
There’s a sense that exciting things are happening in Bristol, the UK university city that CH visited last year for the “Shadowing” street project, which was the winner of Watershed’s 2014 Playable City award. Watershed is also one of the collaborators...
The Limited Edition, UK-Made Elephant Bike
The classic image of the postman on his bike doesn’t really apply anymore, as internet shopping and email means that we send more parcels and much fewer letters. In the UK, the Royal Mail postal service has decommissioned 25,000 Royal Mail bikes...
Bowndling Hiking Apparel and Backpacks
"We believe hiking deserves better clothing," says the all-women team from young, UK-based label Bowndling, which launched November of 2014. The outdoors industry seems reluctant to merge function with fashion for fear of detracting from tech specs...
The Sonar System
Free of typical children's books motifs, "The Sonar System" is a new illustrated tome that introduces kids to a not-so-typical subject: sound system culture. Set in a fictitious "sonar system" where planets revolve around a "gigantic, pulsating...
Modern Apothecary by the Sea: Haeckels
The English seaside town of Margate—a historical retreat for Londoners fleeing the city smog—has chalk reefs and cliffs along its coast that nurture unique families of seaweed. Carefully hand-harvested, this seaweed becomes the base ingredient for...
2015 Pick Me Up Festival, London
This year’s edition of excellent London graphic design festival Pick Me Up had a slightly more commercial feel than last year’s, with a number of the upstairs studios and galleries offering multiple products beyond prints, and retailer Lazy Oaf showcasing...
Travel With No Limits: The Adventurists
On the homepage of UK-based "travel" organizers The Adventurists, a deadpan warning clearly states: "Your chances of being seriously injured or dying as a result of taking part are high." Still interested? The warning continues: "Individuals who...
Finisterre Waterproof Duffle Bag
Drawing on premium materials and the latest waterproof construction techniques, the Waterproof Duffle from UK-based cold-water surf company Finisterre is built to last. The 40-liter capacity bag offers enough space for weekend getwaways and works as...
Huck Magazine: Paddle Against The Flow
Drawing on its decade-long history covering a broad range of counterculture, London-based Huck Magazine recently took stock of the greatest nuggets of wisdom from leading wave-makers who have graced the publication's pages. The result is "Paddle...
Martin Miller's London Dry Gin, Westbourne Strength
Among the two standard offerings on roster from one of the most highly awarded UK distilleries, London's Martin Miller's Gin, we were recently taken by the botanical blend within their 90-proof Westbourne Strength. While all of their gin is distilled...
Ideas On Paper
by Ian Sanders Alex Smith started his career working for big London retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, yet his ambition was always to open his own shop. In March 2014, he did just that. It feels a world away from London's fashionable...
Openspaces: Cornwall's Shores in Photos
Recent years have seen England's surf scene earn more and more credit on an international level. With the growing popularity of cold water surfing (and the ability to quickly document and share one's sessions via social media) England's frigid yet...
Toast Magazine
Readers won't find restaurant reviews, recipes or overly stylized food porn photos in UK print magazine Toast; the long-form editorial content is neatly focused on personal narratives, artwork, history and other creative celebrations food and drink...
International Year of Crystallography #5
A mathematician with a penchant for graphic design, Simon C Page creates works that are as nerdy as they are visually striking. 2014 marks the International Year of Crystallography, and Page celebrates crystals' mesmerizing atomic structures with a...
"Collector's Edition" Artist Cover Bomb Series
Published in September, British design studio director and graphic designer Stuart Tolley’s book “Collector’s Edition” showcases some of the most mind-blowing and unusual limited edition graphic design and packaging ever made for books, music...
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