Ultimate Ears

UE ROLL 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
A development from Ultimate Ears' 2015 UE Roll release, the new UE Roll 2 clocks in at the same weight and carries the same waterproof capabilities, only it delivers 15% more sound. Further, the Bluetooth connectivity range has increased to 100 feet...
Ultimate Ears UE Boom
As technology continues to give us the freedom to experience everything we love in almost any environment, we've seen countless portable speaker designs pass by our eyes—and ears. While some pack substantial power, and others boast the ability to...
Logitech UE
Ultimate Ears knows high-end. The audio company practically made the market for custom-fit monitor earphones, commanding the rapt attention of audiophiles and musicians everywhere. Since their acquisition by Logitech in 2008, the Logitech UE line...
Ultimate Ears UE18
In the ongoing quest for the perfect earphones, I gladly accepted Ultimate Ears' offer to try their custom program recently. The resulting UE18 earphones are by far the best-fitting and sounding pair I've experienced so far. Like any bespoke earphones...
Ultimate Ears Custom Monitors
When your standard issue earbud monitors become uncomfortable or when you'e not getting the sound quality you want it may be time to upgrade to custom monitors. Most commonly seen on rockers and newscasters and now readily available to the rest of...