Urban Farming

Burnside Farm, Detroit
If you're curious to see what a $600 property investment looks like in Detroit, Burnside Farm stands as an exemplary case—a true reflection of the depths of creativity and community amid the sprawling city. This eight-lot urban farm, in Detroit's...
Brooklyn Grange: A Portrait of Urban Farming
Earlier this year the five core members of Brooklyn Grange, well known by now as the largest soil rooftop farm in the world, signed a 20-year lease for a 65,000-square-foot rooftop at the Brooklyn Navy Yards. In just two years they outgrew their...
Bitponics is a combination sensor device and open-source software system designed by two plant-loving engineers. Whether you can barely keep alive a cactus or you're a serious green thumb looking to monitor a new strain of tomatoes, Bitponics can...
Urban Farming Resources
Nearly 12,000 years ago the Neolithic Revolution altered the course of our survival from hunting and gathering to established agriculture. As the world's population concentrates into cities and realization dawns that our resources are limited, we're...
Urban Farming
More than half the world's population now lives in cities, but when it comes to feeding them, trucking in the necessary amount of food isn't a sustainable process for any metropolis. Growing out of the need for better solutions, urban farming is becoming...