Video Art

Jillian Mayer's Data Warping Art Series: IMPRESSIONS
Once again artist Jillian Mayer has managed to subvert and twist the fabric of culture in a way that's both comedic and clever. Rolling off the success of her sculptural series "Slumpies" on display at the Perez Art Museum Miami through January, Mayer...
Bill Viola: The Talking Drum
Originally recorded in an empty swimming pool on the cusp of the '80s in Buffalo, New York, "The Talking Drum" is a previously unreleased sonic compositions by groundbreaking video artist Bill Viola. Newly restored by Viola's studio and pressed onto...
Flume + Jonathan Zawada Pop-Up in LA
The artwork of Jonathan Zawada lives on your computer hard drive and—if you still buy CDs—on your bookshelf, too. The Perth, Australia-raised (now LA-based) multimedia artist has been regularly commissioned to create album covers for largely electronic...
Paula Crown's Multi-Sensory "Bearings Down" Exhibition
As with all globally acclaimed art fairs, some of the best work can be spied at tangential showcases. This holds true for Chicago-based multimedia artist Paula Crown's "Bearings Down" exhibition. For anyone venturing to the Dallas Art Fair this...
Interview: Video Artists Undervolt & Co
Now in its fifth year, new media festival VIA in Pittsburgh (where both video artists and musicians are the headliners) has grown to be a platform that showcases boundary-pushing art, technology and creative exploration, in an approachable setting...
Stan Douglas: Luanda-Kinshasa
by Charlotte Anderson The recording studio on East 30th Street in Manhattan was once holy ground. Carved out of the abandoned remains of an old Armenian Church, it was a place where musicians shared in a mutual, perhaps now lost, struggle—to record...
If you've ever wondered what it's like to shoot down bomber planes, race a Ferrari in a Volvo or fly a space ship while on acid, POP might offer the insight you need. The mind-bending experimental video game consists of what it calls "a series...
Data.Anatomy [Civic]
Derived from the data set of the latest Honda Civic model, the new sonic and visual installation by the Paris-based Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, "data.anatomy [civic]" was unveiled last week at the stunning post-industrial venue Kraftwerk Berlin...
As a 2012 TED Fellow and teacher at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, interactive video artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is deeply involved in the cultural and artistic exploration of communications technologies. Working primarily with...
Whitney Biennial 2012
Now in its 76th year, the bi-annual compendium has gathered a new group of 51 contemporary artists to take over the museum through 27 May. While the focus on performance has become a central one in 2012, we found a group of four artists across different...
Any Ever
"A glorious mess;" "manic and often overwhelming;" a "tumult of video, furniture, music, extreme makeup and insistent jabberwocky"—reading reviews of Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin's touring show "Any Ever" might make the printed page...