Backblaze Online Backup: Mac Beta Access
Perhaps the most intuitive backup solution on the market, Backblaze launched last September as an online data storage center emphasizing simplicity at a reasonable—if perpetual—price. While initially drawing ease-of-use comparisons to...
The newly launched website, Tryphone provides the ultimate assist in purchasing a new mobile phone, allowing for test drives of different models on their site through a virtual interactive design. Clicking on buttons gives a sense of the user interface...
Further Forward Fashion
By Justin Bovington The London and Chicago-based design firm Rivers Run Red is busy developing a range of clothing with one of the UK’s top Fashion Designers - Mrs Jones. Not unusual you might say? Well, these clothes are purely virtual; they...
Augmented Reality via Projection
The Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (MERL) has combined RFID, photo sensors and portable projectors to make a goggle free augmented reality system. Ok, this time in plain english... it's a flash light that shows you information about whatever...
A brilliant little future conscious design project-- Ecotonoha was created by Yugo Nakamura, ( MONO*CRAFTS ) for NEC. By adding words as leaves you collaborate to nurture a virtual tree. As the virtual tree grows, NEC will plant real trees on Kangaroo...
New Hologram Tech
Hitachi (Japan) announced that it has developed a holographic-like display called the Transpost, which allows 360 degree viewing of an object rendered in light without wearing any special glasses. The whole set up is about 6 feet tall and is reportedly...