GRINDR's Pride Week Art Party: SLUMBR
What, one may ask, does "black tie pajama" entail? That was a question on many guests' minds as they prepared for an uncommon Pride party in NYC this weekend. SLUMBR, set at The Standard, High Line (within their now-iconic The Top of the Standard...
Visionaire No. 64
Conceptual artist John Baldessari is best known for his work in found photography and the application of his sense of humor—most notably, his signature technique of covering faces with bright colorful price stickers. For VISIONAIRE's 64th issue, his...
Visionaire 62 Rio
Continually pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing, quarterly art and fashion magazine Visionaire has released their 62nd issue in conjunction with NYC-based design firm Aruliden and Brazilian retail developer and contemporary art patron...
Visionaire 55: SURPRISE
Nothing goes better with art and fashion than champagne and no publication understands that more than Visionaire, the leader in limited edition multi-format books covering the beloved creative industries. This year they've smartly teamed up with...
Artbook at Visionaire
The multi-format publication Visionaire, one of our perennial favorites, has teamed up with Distributed Art Publishers to create an ambitious bookstore with an expiration date. ARTBOOK AT VISIONAIRE will carry rare books from the fields of art and...
Fantastic Plastic
After completely selling out of their Visionaire has once again teamed up with toy specialists Kid Robot to produce ten new designer playthings: MORE TOYS. The publication's 45th issue is published in two editions, yellow and blue, each containing...
Visionaire + Kid Robot
What's new in the Gift Guide? Lots of stuff. Today's addition is the newest issue of the uber exclusive fashion magazine, Visionaire. Issue 44 is created in collaboration with Kid Robot and includes 10 different toys conceived by famous fashion...
Visionaire 43
When the 43rd issue of Visionaire comes out next month it will be the first to use a revolutionary process called laser-cutting. No ink will be used because the images will be etched out of a blank black page. Based in SoHo NYC, Visionaire focuses...