Hautlence's LABYRINTH Watch Doesn't Tell Time
Ahead of Baselworld 2016, Hautlence (a luxury watchmaker that was founded in 2004) has just released their newest product—and describe LABYRINTH as an "entirely essential yet fundamentally useless object." Designed to make the wearer slow down...
Baselworld 2015: Six Green Watches
At last year's Baselworld, we took note of the impressive array of watches sporting brilliant blue dials. They ranged from classy and classic, to fun and vibrant. And this year, we felt the same about inflections of green throughout watches. With variations...
The New Ressence Type 3 Wristwatch
It's been two years since Benoît Mintiens, founder and designer at Ressence, shook up the watch world with his debut of the Type 3. This crown-free timepiece has a distinct visual identity unlike any other watch—and it's due to a crystal dome that...
Cafe Racer-Inspired Seals Watches
With its inspiration from battles tanks of the 1940s and cafe racer motorcycles, Seals Watch Company's Model A is a great example of what a micro watch brand can do when blended with a genuine passion for detail. Based in the foothills of the Sierra...
Clerc's Limited Edition Hydroscaph H140 Watch
For a 140-year-old brand in the ever-crowding market of haute horlogerie, material innovation that directly impacts functionality stands as the key to continued success. That's exactly what luxury Swiss watchmaker Clerc accomplishes with their recent...
Shinola Watch Dial Factory Visit
The resurgence in stateside manufacturing is largely thanks to more educated and passionate consumers. Where a product's merit was once simply its final form, there is an ever-growing demand for products with a story that embody considered design...