Wearable Tech

Everything-in-One Dog Collar
There are plenty of beautiful dog collars on the market that reflect a range of styles and cross a range of price point. And yet, there's nothing quite like DogTelligent's recently announced Connected Collar. It's stylish to a degree—in the way that...
Photochromia: Sunlight-Sensitive Apparel
At the moment, companies seem eager to keep wearable technology constrained to a simple accessory around the wrist, but NYC-based wearable tech research studio The Crated, along with digital printing platform Print All Over Me (POAM), have grand...
Olio Model One Smartwatch
by Michael Frank The team behind the new Olio Model One—veterans of Apple, Google, Movado, Audi and Pixar—have acknowledged something that all smartwatch makers should too: the fact that, for 400 years, people have been choosing watches for style...
Introducing the Runcible Heirloom Electronic
Even today's most beautifully designed smartphones will be disposed of in time. As the technology within becomes outdated, the whole device is discarded or donated and the collective conscious grabs hold of something shiny and new. Not only does SF...
Temporary Tattoo-Based Glucose Monitoring
Living with diabetes comes with a plethora of difficulties, and drawing blood to test glucose levels every day is certainly not the least of them. Fortunately, nanoengineers at UC San Diego are paving the way toward the painful technique's obsolescence...
The Ricky Bag with Light
Ralph Lauren brings their classic Ricky Bag into the future with the addition of four discreet LED lights (which activate when it's opened) and an integrated USB port to charge your phone on the go. This bag, and its Bentley-like features, are the...
For those looking to take their basketball game up a notch, ShotTracker provides extensive analysis from a few small components. A wrist sensor works with a net sensor to register stats to the corresponding iPhone app, which you can then use to track...
Kinematics 4D-Printed Dress
Founded in 2007, generative design studio Nervous System has been working with cutting-edge computer simulation and digital fabrication technologies to create some of the most interesting products on the market. Now, founders Jessica Rosenkrantz...
CH Edition: Vesper Vibrator Necklace
When we first discovered the slim, sophisticated Vesper Vibrator Necklace from San Francisco's sensual toy innovator Crave, we found it both aesthetically pleasing and, with four operative speeds, quite effective. Exceptionally quiet and fully USB...
.klatz Smartwatch and Handset
While fashion often takes a backseat to function, or vice versa, in wearable tech, Ukraine's .klatz is hoping to change that with their smartwatch and handset. They've revisited the bracelet form, but unlike Nike's FuelBand, this accessory is style...
Ralph Lauren's Polo Tech Shirt
The wearable tech field just got a little bit more elegant, thanks to Ralph Lauren. The American luxury giant debuts the Polo Tech shirt at the 2014 US Open, where several ball boys will wear the shirt on-court. Partnering with Montreal-based wellness...
Q Designs' Phone-Charging QBracelet
A touch of fate brought together friends and business partners Alessandro Libani and James Kernan of Q Designs. Both transfer students to Massachusetts' Babson College, the duo bonded over their entrepreneurial aspirations and shared love of tech...
ICEdot: Helmet Crash Sensor
The unfortunate truth about cycling is that, at some point, you're going to crash. Try as you might with bike handling skills, heightened road awareness or just plain defensive riding, it's unfortunately bound to happen. And when it does, you'll...
Vesper, a Discreet Vibrator Necklace
Wearable tech has never been more pleasurable—or sexy—than the products developed by Crave. Their high-quality adult objects stand apart from the majority of the market for their innovative and sleek design, from leather bracelets that turn into...
KidFit: A Wearable Activity Tracker for Children
Wearable technology is increasingly a part of everyday life. From measuring sleep and activity to integrating fully with smartphones via Glass or smartwatches, these gadgets are only set to grow in popularity and sophistication. However, tech accessories...
Charged: Indie Wearable Tech Brands
As companies like Nike, Google, and Apple rush to be at the forefront of wearable technology, a group of startups and tech incubators are making a strong case for why consumers may need to look elsewhere for the next big thing. With products emerging...
Wearhaus Arc
Though some still hold on to the days of gathering around a record player and listening to tunes, the act of consuming music is becoming less social by the day. In the face of this stands high quality Bluetooth systems and socially minded providers...
Today, Kickstarter sees the launch of yet another clever product: Tinitell is the world's smallest mobile phone designed specifically for kids. Yet this piece of Swedish innovation could easily find its way onto the wrists of adults too, given its...
Charged: The Smartest Home
In recent years, the ways in which we as culture interact with technology has shifted. Much in the same way the iPhone completely changed how cell phones, cameras and music players are considered, devices like thermostats that learn how warm you...
Intel + Opening Ceremony's Wearable Tech
"The big smartphone wave came, and the tablets have come, and people's interaction with technology has been changing, significantly increasing the amount of people technology has touched over the years," explains Ayse Ildeniz, VP of New Devices...
Jawbone ERA
We'd all but given up on wireless headsets. As convenient as it is to be hands-free, many devices are clunky, too heavy and occasionally ineffective. With today's release Jawbone is changing all that. Having mastered the quantified self movement...
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