Wireless Speakers

Cube Wireless Speaker
Tivoli Audio’s new ART collection wireless speakers (including the CUBE, as well as an ORB option) deliver clean sound in design object wrapping and can be used alone or in groups to fill your house. It’s a lot of sound, flexibility and style for the...
Denon Envaya Bluetooth Speaker
Though first released in April 2014, Denon's Envaya speaker still meets all of our mobile needs today. The fairly large, three-pound unit pumps music loud and clear facing up, or outwards if you use the nifty built-in kickstand. There's...
Core Speaker by Mass Fidelity
A year ago, Toronto-based audio tech company Mass Fidelity raised over $1.5 million in their Indiegogo campaign for the Core speaker. The numbers and interest make sense, because this isn't another check-off-the-boxes, cookie-cutter Bluetooth speaker...
Porcelain Wireless Speaker
Made from white vitro porcelain, Unmonday's hexagonal Model 4.3 wireless speaker is a stunning piece of design-minded tech that doesn't sacrifice quality sound. With each side of the speaker acting as an audio channel (thanks to a motion sensor inside...
Bowers & Wilkins T7 Bluetooth Speaker
For their consumer-level products, English audio equipment experts Bowers & Wilkins have always managed to merge their top quality engineering with sensible, pleasing design without making too many sacrifices in either area—as we've seen with their...
TDK's Water-Resistant Trek 360 Speaker
The market for wireless speakers has reached near-saturation point with just about every electronics company throwing their hat into the ring. In this sea of gimmicky, tinny sounding gadgets, a few makers—mostly audio specialists and companies dedicated...
Orée Pebble 2 Wireless Charger and Speaker
As what may very well be the first product to combine a bluetooth speaker and microphone with a wireless smartphone charging station, French maker of wood- and stone-based technology products, Orée, introduces the Pebble 2. Made in southern France...
Sonos Play:1
Continuing to redefine their own notion of entry-level, Sonos has launched the PLAY:1, a $200 full sounding and compact wireless speaker that can stand alone or find its fit in a multi-speaker, multi-room set-up. Longtime fans of Sonos, who power...
DECK by SOL Republic
Wireless speakers continue to innovate and differentiate in order to pull away from the herd. Known for their high-quality and almost indestructible headphones, SOL Republic's latest offering, a collaboration with Motorola, The DECK—released today...
The Blazar by Beacon Audio
There's no shortage of wireless speakers on the market today. With a range of features available; from the water-resistant and beach-ready to the amazingly compact, we've been sifting through all of the latest technologies. While the aforementioned...
Ultimate Ears UE Boom
As technology continues to give us the freedom to experience everything we love in almost any environment, we've seen countless portable speaker designs pass by our eyes—and ears. While some pack substantial power, and others boast the ability to...