Putting Pen To Paper
It doesn't matter if one is heading back to school or committing to an effective autumn at work, the appropriate writing implements make it all easier. Even as technology develops, there's nothing like putting pen (or pencil) to paper. As expected...
Matte Black Journal
Everybody who keeps a journal or sketchbook understands that sometimes it doesn't feel like there's anything to write or draw or even scribble down manically. The acid-free pages of the handmade leather Mind Journal, however, offer encouragement over...
Compliment Pencil Set
This set of 10 brightly colored pencils—all number two graphite—comes complete with compliments on them, for days when you're feeling insecure, have a case of writers' block or just need a little boost. Emblazoned with phrases like, "Yes You Totally...
Give Somebody The World
If you've been following CH Global Spin; our editor-at-large Karen Day's travels as part of her Gap-year-style break from traditional work, you'd be aware that she has finally returned back to NYC. She traveled everywhere from Berlin to Beşiktaş, Seoul...
RIIND's Machined Aluminum The Pen
We've mentioned this before, but there's no better (and more enjoyable) way to write than with a good pen. It just feels different—from the pressure fingers apply to the angle with which it is pulled. And while there is an array of heirloom quality...
All-Weather Top-Spiral Pad
With Rite in the Rain’s all-weather notebooks, your notes, doodles or million dollar ideas won’t get washed away in a sudden downpour. Their pocket top-spiral pad comes with 100 lined pages and is compact enough to fit inside a shirt or jacket pocket...
Neo Smartpen N2
Winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, the Neo smartpen N2 is an intuitive pen that can convert ink-drawn notes, sketches and scribbles into digital memories. The pen tracks movement and pressure as you write on paper, quietly storing data in its internal...
Mechanical Pencil
The days of passing down a good pen or mechanical pencil are not gone. In fact, Taiwanese design firm ystudio has an array of writing implements, crafted from brass, copper and bronze that are heirloom worthy. Each is distinct and magnificent, and...
The Good Copy, Melbourne
Born out of a love of words and a desire to support emerging and freelance writers, Melbourne's The Good Copy is a writing studio, publisher, grammar school, shop and community library. From offering creative services for corporate clients to publishing...
Varsity Fountain Pen 3 Pack
When a refillable fountain pen isn't practical we rely on these affordable disposable fountain pens. A staple at CH HQ, they're available in a range of colors (including CH green).
Beard on Food
Food enthusiasts will delight in poring through this second printing of "Beard on Food", originally published in 1974. The volume contains a collection of the prominent food critic's writings and more than 200 recipes.
Cat is Art Spelled Wrong
The ancient Egyptians proclaimed their adoration for cats in hieroglyphics, statues and mummification. Today, many preserve the feline species forever in videos, print publications and even with dedicated television channels. When Coffee House Press...
Twig Pencils
In a world of computers, a return to more natural writing instruments can be just the creative boost necessary. These delightfully rustic pencils are made from real twigs–each one is different–and designed, hand painted and dipped here in the USA...
Daily Rituals
Mason Currey looks into the lives of some of history's most inspiring minds and compiles a fascinating range of daily rituals. Read about Jean-Paul Sarter, who wrote while on ten times the recommended dose of aspirin each day, Thomas Wolfe, who chose...
Extra Large Graphite Stick
Made in Portugal at one of the oldest pencil manufacturers in Europe, this is an essential art supply for those who love to draw on paper.
Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay
Responding to common feelings of being overwhelmed by our chaotic modern world, Everything is Fucked, Everything is Okay is a new print zine featuring writing from contributors based in NYC, London and Sydney. Assembled by hand by Brooklyn-based...
The Thing Quarterly: Issue 16
For their upcoming issue, The Thing Quarterly reached out to literary and cultural icon Dave Eggers of McSweeney's and 826 Valencia. The collaboration announced today that the next shipment of quarterly objects will contain an epistolary shower...
Ecriture Infinie
by Bryn Chernoff Starting at Tokyo's Mori Art Museum in 2006, Cameroon-born artist Bili Bidjocka and Lausanne-born curator Simon Njami have been traversing the world inviting creatives of varied professional backgrounds to write on the blank pages...
Transforming Japanese letters into a playful creatures, Bandai's line of shape-shifting animals inform while entertaining. Called Mojibakeru (Moji is the Japanese word for "character" and bakeru means "to change"), the collection of six plastic...
In Case of Design - Inject Critical Thinking
Raising several questions about the state of design today and the importance of valid criticism, the new book "In Case of Design - Inject Critical Thinking" analyzes the changing role media plays in the universal design discussion. Swedish author...
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