I Pad Accessories

Leather iPad Sleeve
Many sleek iPad and tablet sleeves are lovely to look at, but this one from SENA also carries extra functionality. With compartments for an Apple Pencil, cards, and cables one will never be at a loss when reaching for something quickly. Made from 100...
Wacom's Precise New Bamboo Stylus Fineline
After testing Wacom's latest release, the Bamboo Stylus fineline, with our in-house artist Zach Robinson, we found it to be by and large one of the best thought-out and most affordable pressure-sensitive bluetooth styluses on the market. The device...
MagBak iPad Mini and Air Mount
In early September 2013 MagBak was successfully funded—at nearly five times their goal—through Kickstarter, bringing the world's thinnest iPad mount to life. Now, some six months later, MagBak is again on the crowdfunding site, this time with a...
When hardware and software work in harmony, it's a beautiful thing. And when such a pairing effectively mimics the analog world, it's thoroughly enchanting. Such is the case with Pencil and the forthcoming update to Paper—both just announced by FiftyThree...
Unit Portables + Ucon Arko Bag
The makers of highly functional, modular bags for everyday use and extended travel, Stockholm's Unit Portables are celebrating their their second year of superlative bag design by teaming up with Berlin-based clothing brand Ucon to recreate their...
iTrack Solo Review
by Alan Watt With decades of experience recording audio on 2" magnetic tape to the latest digital audio workstation (DAW) and everything in-between, using an iPad to capture sound is a different experience for me. The upshot is that iTrack Solo...
The Simon
Krochet Kids International (KKi) has made a name for themselves by bringing spectacular knit creations to life with the help of women artisans in Peru and Northern Uganda. The Simon is a knit case for the iPad with a micro-fleece liner for gadget protection...
Hex Cross Body for Apple Newton
In 1993 Apple changed the way we interact with technology on the go with the introduction of the original tablet device, the Newton. The personal digital assistant put the power of the era's most impressive technologies—writing notes, drawing...
Crumpler for Apple
Similar to San Francisco's Chrome, Crumpler was founded in 1995 to serve the urban bike messenger community with sturdy, purposeful packs and bags. However, while Chrome has remained relatively core focused, Melbourne's Crumpler has expanded to offer...
Belkin ThunderStorm
The iPad's rear-facing speakers have become a common gripe for users looking to match audio with the tablet's quality display. While some of the more low-tech solutions can help, few truly improve your experience like Belkin's new ThunderStorm. Billed...
The New Swivl
After a successful run at crowdsourcing in late 2010, the Swivl was brought to market completely funded through Kickstarter. While the iPhone dock was met with much praise, the question of compatibility has driven the product's designers to develop...
This Is Not an App
Turn your iPhone or iPad into a journal, a dream catcher, a sketchpad or even a thought recorder with This Is Not an App. Designed as an interactive adaptation of Keri Smith's thought-provoking "This Is Not a Book," the imagination-driving mobile...
Eastern Collective Cables
Bringing a bright pop of color to the tangled white mass of iDevice cords are Eastern Collective's woven cables. Mixing textiles with technology, the young company from Vermont aims to brighten the otherwise drab greyscale-dominated world of Apple...
POMM iPad Case
Steering clear of flashy materials, Pomm Design Studio's new iPad 3 case houses the latest in high tech inside tried-and-true cork. The geometrically inspired case is molded from two cork blocks, providing substantial protection against the hazards...
Adonit Jot Touch
by Leen Al-Bassam Building on the already impressive Jot, which brought us the market's most accurate stylus with a precision disc and ballpoint mechanism, Adonit has upped the ante with the Jot Touch. The newest addition to the Jot family marks...
The Boast
The iPad's rear-facing speakers are considered by many as the device's only real design misstep, doing little to enhance the overall listening experience. Created as a simple solution for the iPad 2 and new iPad, The Boast mimics the act of cupping...