Interview: Imogene Strauss on The Creative Direction Behind Caroline Polachek’s “The Spiraling Tour”

The multi-disciplinary creative tells us about collaborating, career and navigating a male-dominated industry

The Twisting Chuzhi House, Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles and Mud

In rural South India, the Chuzhi house from Wallmakers  (an architectural firm founded by Vinu Daniel) twists and turns between rocky outcrops and trees, intricately maneuvering through its challenging terrain. The residence’s structure takes after a snake coiling under a rock and not only works with the landscape in a visual sense but is respectful of it. Made up of almost 4,000 plastic bottles that littered the …

The “Paw-fect” Bed


Handmade in Portland, Oregon by Proba, The “Paw-fect” Bed elevates the humble pet cushion through its playful form and alluring colors. The splotch-shaped product pairs a 100% cotton outer (making it easy to wash) with recycled foam inside. This cushy, comfy spot is available in small, medium or large.


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Scientists Reveal How The Brain Changes During DMT Trips

The hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine—better known as DMT—is used commonly to initiate vivid visions, remarkable feelings, near-death experiences and even to contact interdimensional beings. The psychedelic compound is found in various plants including Psychotria viridis, which is used to brew ayahuasca—a spiritual medicine utilized by Indigenous people in the Amazon basin. Only recently have scientists scanned and studied brain activity during a DMT trip. For their research, …

New But Ancient Orchid Species Discovered in Japan

Japan’s most recognizable orchid, the Spiranthes australis, has been cherished for centuries (it even features in The Man’yōshū, the oldest collection of Japanese waka poetry, dating back to 759AD) and it’s just been discovered to have an almost identical twin: the Spiranthes hachijoensis. The flower was actually hiding in plain sight—in private gardens, balconies, parks and more—and the common belief was “that all the Spiranthes …

JuneShine Hard Kombucha Collaborates With Evan Mock on Hawaii-Inspired Flavor and “Mock’s Magazines” Pop-Up

For the development of JuneShine‘s new Hawaii-inspired flavor, POG (an acronym for passionfruit, orange and guava), the celebratory SoCal-based hard kombucha brand partnered with skateboarder, actor and Wahine founder Evan Mock, who also crafted a collaborative zine. The print publication and the delicious ready-to-drink beverage debuted at a pop-up within SoHo’s Iconic Magazines bodega, dubbed “Mock’s Magazines” and populated with mega-watt friends of the brand, including G-Eazy, …

“Cosmic Concrete” Could Be Used to Build Habitats on Mars

Scientists at the University of Manchester have succeeded in creating a building material that can be used for construction on Mars. This “cosmic concrete,” called StarCrete, is made up of potato starch and salt that, when mixed with dust from Mars, forms a material twice as strong as regular concrete. It’s an efficient and viable recipe, as 55 pounds of potatoes could create half a …

Victorinox’s Durable, Dynamic Spectra.30 Travel Gear

An abundance of functional attributes within a polycarbonate shell crafted from proprietary recycled material

Anyone who has glanced upon a baggage claim carousel recently might have been struck not by the differences in the luggage circulating but rather by the general sameness. A few brands repeat time and again and anyone who owns one of those must identify their belongings by way of stickers and tags. This is one of many reasons why the durable Spectra 3.0 collection and its vibrant …


The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Cock Pump Soap Dispenser


Designed and sculpted by CH favorite Pansy Ass Ceramics in their Toronto studio, this Cock Pump Soap Dispenser makes a statement. Available in black, white or pale pink, it stands approximately nine inches tall and features a glossy finish.


Rose Wylie Hooded Sweatshirt


Limited to 150 pieces, this collaborative hoodie is adorned with a screenprint of beloved British painter Rose Wylie’s “Black Cat (Bones) (Study)” artwork on the back and her signature along the left sleeve. From the exclusive online art market Platform, known as a trove for captivating works from emerging artists at independent galleries, the comfortable garment is made in the USA and screenprinted in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Oil Bottle


From the Travasi collection, designed by Milan-based Astrid Luglio for Ichendorf Milano, comes the Oil Bottle. The collection’s name comes from “travasare,” meaning to decant, and this vessel is intended for oil or vinegar. With a touch of joyful color blocking, an angled spout and refined form, the architectural piece gestures as if in movement. Price is in Pounds.


Delighted Napkins


Sold in a set of four, the Delighted Napkins abound with abstract shapes, bright hues, and a cheerful style that has come to define the textile and home goods brand Cold Picnic. Made from organic cotton and Oeko-Tex-approved inks, these napkins bring levity and an eco-friendly ethos to the table.


Lucinda Chua feat. Yeule: Something Other Than Years

A slow-moving ballad by London-based recording artist Lucinda Chua featuring Singaporean producer Yeule (aka Nat Ćmiel), “Something Other Than Years” is gentle yet entirely arresting. Chua tapped Yeule for the enchanting track, which appears on the upcoming album YIAN (燕) (which means swallow in Chinese and pays homage to the singer-songwriter’s Chinese heritage).

Let’s Eat Grandma: From The Morning (Nick Drake Cover)

To be released 7 July, the tribute album The Endless Coloured Ways – The Songs Of Nick Drake will feature 25 cover versions of tracks by the influential, almost mythic English singer-songwriter. Among the illustrious roster, British avant-pop act Let’s Eat Grandma contributes a moving rendition of  “From The Morning,” the ethereal closing track on Drake’s third and final studio album, Pink Moon. “I’ve always …

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Lady Gaga on Her Latest Dom Pérignon Collaboration

An intimate look at the world of vintage bubbles through Gaga’s creative lens

Hannah Jadagu: Warning Sign

At first, “Warning Sign,” the latest single from Hannah Jadagu’s forthcoming debut album, Aperture, sounds sparse and soft, but then it transforms with surprising instrumentation. Abrupt percussion, gentle keys and spatial strings turn the indie-pop song into a textured listen. It’s yet another sublime, melodious track from the Texas-born singer, songwriter, producer and student.

Hipstamatic Photo App Relaunches

A classic within smartphone history, this playful photo app is back with a community component

Originally released in 2009, Hipstamatic was an icon of its time: an iPhone app that allowed users to take photos and apply retro-looking filters, colorful flashes and more. Based on the analog Hipstamatic 100 camera, the app also offered extra paid features. While playful, the app fell out of favor some years ago but it’s now being relaunched today exclusively for iOS. The most notable difference …

The Japanese House: Boyhood

The Japanese House (aka British singer-songwriter Amber Bain) returns with the moving single “Boyhood.” Featuring spacious, buoyant production and shimmering strings, the single captures the complexities of identity, from gender to the seemingly futile quest of being more than the sum of your circumstances. Bain shares, “When Katie and I were young and in love, we fantasized about riding off into the distance on her …

Panda Bear + Sonic Boom: In My Body

A psychedelic stream of colorful, cosmic imagery composes the music video for “In My Body,” a melodic collaboration between Animal Collective’s Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) and Sonic Boom (aka Pete Kember). The spellbinding pop track stems from the duo’s critically acclaimed 2022 release, Reset. Its video, created by Buddahat, channels the same uplifting spirit.

Museum of Arts and Design’s “Funk You Too!” Group Exhibit Celebrates Playful, Subversive Ceramics

26 artists converge at the NYC institution to contextualize historical and contemporary Funk Art

Breitling’s New Top Time B01 Classic Cars Wristwatch Collection

Ford's Thunderbird and Mustang, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Shelby Cobra inspire impeccably designed timepieces

Following the success of Breitling‘s Top Time Classic Cars collection, composed of eye-catching chronographs inspired by iconic ’60s automobiles, the pioneering Swiss watchmaker returns with enhanced models and a scorching new addition. The timepieces within the 2021 debut collection tapped into the vivaciousness of the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Cobra; the Top Time B01 Classic Cars collection incorporates a show-stopping fourth watch that nods to the …

Test Drive: Genesis Electrified GV70

The stunning vehicle furthers the carmaker's seemingly unstoppable momentum