300,000 Possible Galaxies Discovered

With a bunch of numbers that are difficult to comprehend, a project helmed by an international team of astronomers has resulted in the discovery of some 300,000 “previously unseen light sources” that are believed to be distant galaxies. The new map of the night sky was revealed using the incredibly powerful Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope, with many of the light sources sending radio signals for …

Death Wins a Goldfish


Equal parts sweet, odd and funny, Death Wins a Goldfish: Reflections from a Grim Reaper’s Yearlong Sabbatical follows the new experiences (from skydiving to online dating, camping solo, karaoke and painting) that Death tries out during its vacation. With charming illustrations by author Brian Rea, the book serves as an endearing reminder for readers to take time off work and always endeavor to stay adventurous. 


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Highlights From Desert X 2019

At Desert X, a series of outdoor exhibitions in the Coachella Valley, this year’s artwork addresses timely and poignant issues—from the depleting Salton Sea, indigenous peoples’ rights and the political battle at the US-Mexico border. These striking pieces turn sparse land into places for reflection, debate and hope—across more than 50 miles. From Sterling Ruby’s SPECTER to Pia Camil’s Lover’s Rainbow, Artsy staff has picked some of the highlights. …

Efforts Underway to Stop Robocalls

With estimated robocalls at 167.3 million per day in the US, many Americans simply ignore unknown numbers or “Scam Likely” calls. This doesn’t assuage the anxiety of missing something important or the sense of violation. Two programs—STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs)—aim to verify callers. Right now, they’re only deploying on T-Mobile but the FCC strongly believes more carriers …

Google Translate Employs Decades-Old Language Theory

Google Translate uses complex neural and numeric systems to find equivalencies in speech and text across languages. The tool is seemingly simple—at least for users. But on the backend, developers worked tirelessly to get the application to where it is now. One fascinating breakthrough came when Google employees applied Wittgenstein’s language theory: a posthumously published theory that words hold no supreme meaning and that meaning …

Some Insect Species are Facing Total Extinction

Insects outweigh every species on Earth—humans, cattle and fish included. Despite their minute size, insects—bees, butterflies, moths and more—play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem. They’re responsible for a sizable chunk of our food chain and some species act as the world’s recyclers, scrubbing the ground floor from vegetal and wooden debris. But, according to a new study, 40% of insect species will be faced …

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

100% Human Sweatshirt


Made from super-soft and comfy 100% cotton, this French Terry sweatshirt from Everlane is adorned with their now-familiar “100% Human” logo. Each piece in this range (which includes T-shirts and sweaters) results in donations to Equality Now—an international organization that works to change laws, set legal precedents, spread awareness and mobilize communities.


Monsoon Umbrella


Emblazoned with the neon sign-inspired Coming Soon logo on the outside, and “monsoon” on the inside, this clear plastic umbrella by the NYC-based brand will keep users dry in style. With a white plastic handle, this 33-inch  umbrella is functional and simple—and a way to bring a little of the Lower East Side store with you everywhere.


Handmade Fruit Bowl


Reiko Yamamoto’s handmade fruit bowl (measuring six by 15 inches) is a sturdy and versatile piece that doesn’t sacrifice style. Its shape and feel are pleasantly natural—with clean lines and a sleek silhouette. Because each one is individually handmade, they may differ slightly in shape and finish—custom glazing ranges from high-gloss to matte.


Rainbow Shop T-Shirt


Adorned with a ’70s-inspired rainbow graphic on both the front and back, this sand-colored T-shirt from NOAH celebrates the origins of the brand: their shop address on NYC’s Mulberry St. Made from 100% cotton and printed in the USA, the cheerful design is available in several other colorways.


Shy Girls: Lay And Be Lonely

Shy Girls (aka Dan Vidmar) returns with a lighthearted, slightly melancholy tune from his forthcoming album Bird On The Wing—set for release 1 March on Keep Cool / RCA Records. The song is lyrically sparse and, despite its vulnerable subject matter, infectious. “But if there is something I could belong for / It would be tranquility / When I’m quiet there is a motion” Vidmar croons in the …

Madlib + OHNO: Big Whips

The third single released from a compilation created by Gangster Doodles (aka Marlon Sassy), Madlib and OHNO’s “Big Whips” is a perfectly produced, head-nodding tune with a David James-directed music video. Both the track and visuals will hit a nostalgic nerve for many. Each song on the album Gangster Music Vol. 1 has an original illustration by Sassy, and the entire record is made up of tracks …

Vale, Karl Lagerfeld

Our interview with the fashion icon still provides beautiful insight

A true icon of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, has passed away at 85 years old. Wildly influential, German-born Lagerfeld began his career in the industry after winning a design competition in 1955—a victory that allowed him to become Pierre Balmain’s assistant. During the ’60s he worked with Fendi and Chloe, but it was as creative director of Chanel (from 1983 until his death) that he was best …

Jessie Ware: Adore You

Mellow and a little haunting, Jessie Ware‘s new song “Adore You” (co-written and produced by Metronomy’s Joseph Mount) is a sublime return to the London-based singer/songwriter’s electronic roots. The house-pop track is airy and delicate, and Ware’s vocals are perfectly pared back to match. Part ballad, part disco tune, this is a one-off release at the moment, with no LP announced from Ware since her …

Lolo Zouaï: Lose Myself

On her new hip-hop-inflected tune “Lose Myself,” Lolo Zouaï details how she got to where she is—referencing her first car, stories of adolescence and the music that inspired her. But the singer also explores a deep fear of losing the people and things that made her who she is. “I don’t want to lose myself to this,” she sings. On the self-produced track, Zouaï showcases her talent and her …

Photographer Adrian Steirn’s “Pangolin Men” Series

Striking and tender portraits aimed at spreading awareness

For Australia-born, South Africa-based Adrian Steirn, capturing the beauty of Africa is intrinsically linked to efforts at protecting the world’s only scaly mammal, the pangolin—of which two species live on the continent. The animal also happens to be among the world’s most trafficked. According to recent statistics, more than one million pangolins have been hunted and killed in the last decade. The illegal trade of animals …

Design-Driven Charging Stations by Leon’s Electric Trout

Offering a little charm, character and warmth to a functional tech product

As our phones get slimmer, sleeker and more stylish, there are a few brands working on docking stations that keep up. Like many companies, Leon’s Electric Trout was born out of a simple, everyday dissatisfaction. David Stychno (who is design director at a software company during traditional work hours) explains, “My girlfriend and I were always fighting over charging cables at night. It was a mess. One of us was …