Word of Mouth: Scottsdale

Architectural wonders, dining concepts, expeditions in the sky and hikes across the desert landscape

Settled in a picturesque portion of the Sonoran Desert, Scottsdale, Arizona‘s sunny days and year-round warmth have attracted visitors (and transplants) for decades now. Though its reputation may be wrapped up in its award-winning golf courses, Scottsdale excels in many other alluring areas. Its dynamic, international food scene continues to advance. Notable design hotels now pop up in various neighborhoods. And, among the exquisite natural …

Interview: The Lincoln Motor Company Global Design Director Kemal Curić

From Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration to sketching by hand, the process behind the Aviator Grand Touring

Toward the end of 2020, the Lincoln Motor Company‘s benchmark Aviator Grand Touring became our passport to art adventures outside of NYC. To the Berkshires, along the Hudson Valley and into Connecticut, we went in the comfortable SUV, tapping into its powerful electric hybrid technology. On a mission to represent American luxury worldwide, the vehicle sustains an exemplary level of serenity—from its elegant form to …

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum Model


Manufactured by Queensland, Australia-based company Little Building Co (LBC), this 1:500 scale model of the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum will tantalize architecture and art fans alike—though one should be careful with the kit’s small pieces around children. Inside, there are all of the necessary elements to build the model, but LBC asks that you furnish your own high-quality PVA wood glue, which can be found …