Flik Flak Hodinkee Summer Edition


A popular first watch for children since its launch in 1987, Swatch’s Flik Flak comes in hundreds of dynamic colorways. More than an exciting accessory, this gateway wristwatch has long been a tool to help kids learn how to tell time. The pioneering watch publication Hodinkee has partnered with Swatch for a collaborative limited edition Flik Flak, aptly titled the Hodinkee Summer Edition. Its 32mm …


URWERK’s AMC Tabletop Atomic Clock + Wristwatch

New technology provides unprecedented accuracy, for a price of $2.7 million, from the independent Swiss horology brand

For all the time-telling pieces on hand during Geneva’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH), nothing comes close to independent Swiss watch brand URWERK‘s 55-pound desk clock, the AMC (Atomic Master Clock). This portable atomic clock cradles its partner—a mechanical wristwatch—which it then pairs with, adjusts, winds and regulates the balance rate (taking into account humidity and air pressure). The utmost accuracy, of course, is the goal. URWERK co-founders Felix …

The Watch, Thoroughly Revised


HODINKEE‘s Stephen Pulvirent joins Gene Stone on a revision of the latter author’s iconic guide to mechanical watches, originally published in 2006. Here, both experts probe the state of the watch industry today, address new brands and the continued impact of traditional leaders like Omega and Cartier. In conjunction with magnificent photography, the analysis and insight provided in this hardcover release will inform beginners and …