Hendrick’s Fantastical New Distillery in Girvan, Scotland

Part curiosity cabinet and part laboratory, the gin's wondrous new home

The brand new Hendrick’s Gin distillery in Girvan, Scotland is just as beautiful and whimsical as one could imagine. The new distillery and visitor center (which is not open to the public but will be used to host guests of the brand) is the perfect physical realization of the charms and oddities that make Hendrick’s truly Hendrick’s—it’s a mix between a mad scientist’s laboratory, your fabulous …

Dirigible Flying with Hendrick’s Gin

A surreal and timeless experience, we roved the skies in a cucumber airship

There are fewer dirigible and zeppelin pilots in the US (and the world) than there are astronauts. Only seven or eight airships actively chart the skies stateside, and just a handful more globally. It’s a near-lost form of travel, yielding a sensation somewhere between a funicular and a sailboat of the winds. And fortunately, we just got to experience a flight in a blimp—one that’s …


Petite Garnisher


Masters of the unusual, Hendrick’s Gin has released a handmade cocktail garnisher. The metal piece slices two cucumbers simultaneously into the ideal 1/8 wheel—all with the turn of a crank. While far from being a necessary home bar accessory, the item demonstrates a need to think outside of the box when crafting a cocktail and it mirrors the world’s largest cocktail garnisher which (Hendrick’s invented) …