Studio Visit: Illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli

Connecting with the talented artist ahead of her talk at Design Indaba

Specializing in editorial illustration, Olimpia Zagnoli is one of the most important Italian artists of her generation. Her style is bold, playful and immediately recognizable—whether it’s on the cover of The New Yorker, within the pages of La Repubblica, on fabrics for Marella, or as part of a Prada campaign. We were delighted to visit Zagnoli at her Milan studio, ahead of the 25th edition …

How To Dress Well: Vacant Boat

From How To Dress Well’s (aka Tom Krell) The Anteroom comes a video treatment for “Vacant Boat.” Directed by Justin Daashuur Hopkins in collaboration with NOH/WAV, the video offers a frenzy of images juxtaposed by static depictions of decay, while a blue-lit Krell echoes the song’s verses. Psychedelic, glitchy and ambient all at once, HTDW fans won’t be disappointed.

The Mexic-Arte Museum Taps Into Underserved Artistic Histories

Resurfacing cultural richness provided by Mexican artists and encouraging visitors to look beyond the bubble

The Western world predominantly controls art institutions, most of which are lacquered with a strong history of colonialism and conquerors with little-to-no regard for the oppressed. This limited perspective catalyzed Mexic-Arte Museum founders Sylvia Orozco, Sam Coronado and Pio Pulido to create an institution “dedicated to cultural enrichment and education through the collection, preservation, and presentation of traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latinx, and Latin American …