The Lexus Design Award’s 2020 Finalists

Six innovations offer solutions for problems that include air pollution, visual impairment, flooding and more

Now in its eighth year, the Lexus Design Award honors innovators around the world who formulate clever solutions for everyday challenges. This year’s theme “Design for a Better Tomorrow” prompted applicants “to envision solutions to 21st-century challenges that anticipate, innovate and captivate.” Narrowing the field from more than 2,000 submissions to just six finalists is never an easy process, but this year’s group (from Kenya, …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: The 2010 99% Conference

Highlights and lessons in our video on this year's 99% Conference with Jack Dorsey, Leslie Koch, John Maeda and more

While the 99% Conference was over three months ago, we’re still marinating in the lessons learned from all of our fantastic speakers who include Jack Dorsey, Leslie Koch, John Maeda and more. This video is just a glimpse at the event—stay tuned to the 99% site for full videos of every presentation.