A24 Horror Candle


To evoke the sensations of film’s most frightening genre—through scent—independent entertainment company A24 (beloved for releases like The Witch, Midsommar and Hereditary) collaborated with Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Joya on a “Horror” candle. This soy-wax blend candle exudes leathery notes for its more than 50-hour burn time. They went quickly after we wrote about them in 2018, but the collaboration returns Monday 12 October at noon EST.


Celebrated Entertainment Company A24’s “Genre” Candles with Joya

Capturing cinematic scents in collaboration with the fragrance studio

Anyone with a whisper of an interest in cinema understands the importance of A24—a film distribution and production company that’s helped award-winners like Moonlight, Room, Ladybird and The Witch get seen. Each year, their roster conjures interest from niche film festivals all the way to wide releases. And rightfully so, as there’s a particular ethos they touch upon in every one of their diverse pictures. …

CH Omakase 2017: Joya Candle

Handmade in an edition of 100, each of these vessels is unique

Founded by Frederick Bouchardy in 2006, Joya is an NYC design studio with a focus on fragrances and ceramics—a perfect pairing for our CH Omakase edition candles. Joya’s philosophy is one of balance and beauty—they create elegant pieces, but also use locally sourced raw materials, use sustainable packaging and maintain ethical production processes. For 2017’s CH Omakase, Joya crafted an edition of 100 candles. Each …