Studio Visit: Ceramicist Yuko Nishikawa

Combining ceramics and light design, artworks that are both delicate and occupying

Inside Japan-born Yuko Nishikawa‘s industrial Brooklyn, New York studio, which she’s aptly named “Forest,” there are hundreds of ceramic pieces in varying stages. Some, which are nearly complete, rest on a long wooden table made from scrap materials from other studios within the building. Others, which are set to be fired, painted, tossed or archived, sit on shelves and hang. She moved to the US …

Studio Visit: Austin Lee

A paint-splattered space for artworks that begin digitally

“Art is the only thing I was good at”

Terra Glamping Spoils Guests With Natural Splendor

From kayaking to water views, this semi-permanent site in the Hamptons has it all

For many people, the Hamptons bring to mind multimillion-dollar beachside properties and restaurants with queues that stretch further than the sand itself. But 20 minutes off Route 27, down a windy and tree-hugged road, Terra Glamping offsets the glitz of the more popular stretches of the eastern end of Long Island. Established in 2014 by Rebecca Martin and David Levine (a 20-year veteran of event-planning …