Wanderer’s Box


Helmed by NYC-based chefs from all over the world (including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Senegal and Cambodia), Eat Offbeat celebrates food and flavor, as well as diversity and culture. While their meal delivery service (run out of Long Island City by individuals who are immigrants and refugees), they also have online offerings like their holiday hampers. The Wanderer’s Box includes Persian quince jam, Senegalese spiced candied peanuts, …


Prism Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


The vision of NYC-based architect and designer Drew Seskunas, this wood burning Prism Chiminea features an angular design that riffs on the Malm fireplaces of the ’60s. This lightweight, portable outdoor item has been assembled from pre-enameled, laser-cut aluminum in Seskunas’ Long Island City studio. The corrosion-proof, heat-resistant material refracts light and the distinct trilateral shape funnels smoke and flame. Seskunas is known by many as the …


Interview: Waldan Watches President, Andrew Waldan

"These watches are only the beginning," he says of the American-made line he launched to commemorate his father's legacy

Oscar Waldan, the namesake behind Waldan Watches, was a Polish watchmaker trained by a man named Manek, a fellow prisoner at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during WWII. Oscar, in between apprenticing for Manek, endured unthinkable conditions and torture under the Nazis, until liberated, when he fled to Switzerland. While there, he furthered his passion for watchmaking and maintenance, and formulated a plan to relocate to …