Bright Pink Seesaw Unites People at US-Mexico Border

A set of neon pink seesaws along the US-Mexico border (in Sunland Park and Ciudad Juárez, respectively) have been installed by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello—who work together as Rael San Fratello. The installation—called “Teetertotter Wall”—is playful and powerfully defiant. Rael calls it the “literal fulcrum for the US-Mexico relations” where it’s blindingly clear that “the actions that take place on one side have …

The Artists Behind Mexico City’s Hand-Painted Signs

Battling developments in technology, the artists behind Mexico City’s hand-painted signs—advertisements, directions, concert bills and more—stuck with their craft. Not only is it visually pleasing, it lasts longer, too. Acrylic on tarps fades in a year and vinyl fades in five—whereas a painted wall can last almost a decade. Most of the men adhere to strict rules on domain and paint from memory—the dozens of …

Bandido Studio Table Lamp


Contemporary Designers de Mexico’s “Bandido” lamp is comprised of enamel on top of a spun steel and an oak base. Available in four color combinations, the handmade item stands 16 inches tall and employs sustainable materials. Its listing on Made Trade means that production had to adhere to rigorous sourcing standards and the complete product must be sustainable, fair trade, heritage or vegan.