My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions


Restaurateur and chef at the beloved Contramar, Gabriela Cámara provides 150 recipes in My Mexico City Kitchen—a bright, beautifully designed and photographed cookbook. With plenty of classics (including tacos and tamales, and her famous tuna tostadas), the book offers a contemporary take on Mexican food, with lots of vegetable- and seafood-focused dishes—from cold avocado soup to prawns with green rice.


Word of Mouth: Mexico City Drinking + Dining

Natural wines, melding cuisines and plenty more to taste in the Mexican capital

Distrito Federal, Mexico City, now formally Ciudad de México, is a dynamic and quickly evolving destination full of dichotomies, tradition and innovation. Whether attending Zona Maco, Design Week, or at any other time of the year, food is guaranteed to be a big part. While street food and family-style restaurants are essentials (try the white pozole at Los Tolucos), there are countless sophisticated and contemporary …

The Artists Behind Mexico City’s Hand-Painted Signs

Battling developments in technology, the artists behind Mexico City’s hand-painted signs—advertisements, directions, concert bills and more—stuck with their craft. Not only is it visually pleasing, it lasts longer, too. Acrylic on tarps fades in a year and vinyl fades in five—whereas a painted wall can last almost a decade. Most of the men adhere to strict rules on domain and paint from memory—the dozens of …