Mondaine Honors the 75th Anniversary of the Swiss Railway Clock

Time-telling tools from an independent brand known for impeccable design and equal precision

Whether you’ve traveled through Switzerland and seen it in real life or not, the Federal Swiss Railway clock is an icon of modern time-telling. In the years since its 1944 release, it has achieved a particularly beloved place in global design recognition. Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) engineer Hans Hilfiker imagined the original—which would come to represent the precision of the transport system—but since 1986, Swiss watch …

Baselworld 2015: Mondaine Helvetica NY Edition

Uniting a celebrated font with subway system Pantone colors for a clever new line

Best known as the brand to feature the Official Swiss Railways clock design on their watch face, Mondaine debuted a new series in 2014—the Helvetica No. 1—to much acclaim. Employing an equally clean, classic touch, punctuated by the use of the font Helvetica, it has already become a thoughtful, welcome addition to the world of Swiss watchmaking. At this year’s Baselworld, Mondaine tapped into another …


SBB Classic Watch


Anyone who has traveled through Switzerland will recognize the iconic Swiss Railway clock design featured once again on a Mondaine watch. This time, however, the brand’s accented their pieces with vibrant genuine leather straps in bright red, yellow and blue. To further the design nuance, each strap features tone-in-tone stitching and eyelet patterns. We’ve long loved Mondaine Swiss watches and these 40mm pieces—with stainless steel …