Son of Man’s Basque-Style Cidery in Cascade Locks, Oregon

Funky, earthy cider that's definitely different than the common kind

The land surrounding Son of Man’s brewing facilities in Cascade Locks has an untouched quality—as if life slowly appeared over time, careful not to interrupt what was already here. Just a few miles from the facility, the Bridge of the Gods connects Washington and Oregon. On the Columbia River below, Native American tribes have exclusive fishing rights for salmon. The few tourists that pass through …

The Last Blockbuster Video Store in America

From 9,000 stores in 2004 to just one last hold-out today, Blockbuster has suffered under the hands of digital rentals and modern consumer habits. Located in the central Oregon city of Bend, Sandi Harding’s Blockbuster isn’t just there for pictures—she’s actually renting out films. She insists that not so much has changed, saying “IBM computers are running the same floppy disks from the 1990s,” according …

Word of Mouth: Hood River, Oregon

A picturesque mecca for sports enthusiasts and gourmands alike

Just an hour outside Portland lies Hood River, both a convenient getaway and an encapsulation of what makes this area of Oregon so great—fantastic beer and coffee, access to the Columbia River and the slopes of Mount Hood, and a vibrant outdoor scene. During summer, kiteboarders can be seen darting and swooping across the water; in winter, skis and snowboards top every car as outdoor …


Gold Eyelet Tamper


Made in Portland, Oregon, this 24k gold-dipped brass piece has a double use: a roach-holder and a tamper. Minimal in its design and three inches long, it can even be worn as a pendant.


Word of Mouth: Astoria, Oregon

Freshly caught tuna and salmon, an auto body shop turned café and more rustic charm in this river town by the sea

by Jenny Miller The Oregon Coast enclave of Astoria, Oregon is not exactly a beach town. Though it’s just a few miles from the state’s austere, breathtaking stretches of sand, this former canning and maritime hub of about 10,000 people is perched on a hill at the spot where the mighty Columbia River flows into the Pacific Ocean. So technically, it’s a river town. The …