Google’s “A Space for Being” at Milan Design Week

A personalized, quantified and visualized take on the individuality of how design makes us feel

Last year at Design Week in Milan, Google made its debut as a design company when it presented Softwear. Helmed by Ivy Ross, the technology brand has since gained respect and traction for thoughtfully designing physical products that maximize their software prowess. Warmer materials, softer forms and a more sophisticated color palette all contribute to the more humanized Google Home suite of devices, as well …

Revealing MODU + Eric Forman Studio’s 2020 Times Square Valentine Heart

"Heart Squared" wins the 12th annual public art installation competition

Set in front of Father Duffy Square’s iconic Red Steps, Times Square‘s Valentine Heart public art installation appears year after year from 30 January through 28 February. For the 12th annual installation, selected through the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition, MODU Architecture and Eric Forman Studio‘s winning design will come to life. Known as “Heart Squared,” the multi-dimensional, mixed material work will celebrate love …

X is For Love Chocolate Puzzle


An X represents so much—a spot containing something valuable, a kiss, a crossing or the intersection of two things. NYC-based architectural firm Reddymade Design won this year’s annual Times Square Valentine’s Day Heart competition with their X-shaped sculptural pavilion, on view through 28 February. For anyone looking to bring it (or its message) home, weR2’s commemorative chocolate puzzle embodies the spirit—and tastes delectable. One part dark …