Word of Mouth: LA’s Silver Lake, Old and New

Navigating a neighborhood that's seen immense growth and change

The vibrant LA neighborhood of Silver Lake is home to modernist Southern California houses, multiple shopping areas with cafes and coffee shops, and a large reservoir surrounded by dog parks, meadows, and historic architecture. It’s also a place that—like so many others—has seen immense growth and change since the late 1990s. For all the food stands and old cinemas, there are countless upstart destinations that …

Chronicle Books

Silver Lake Drive


Alex Prager’s newest book “Silver Lake Drive” is a collection of cinematic mises-en-scène. The 224-page hardcover serves as a solid summation of her style—strange, beguiling and sometimes unnerving. The collection of images span several stages: from her early “Polyester” series to her striking “Face in the Crowd” collection—which was shot on a Hollywood sound stage.


Raven + Lily

Silver Lake Candle


More than hand-poured soy enriched with tropical fruit scents, the Silver Lake Candle from Raven + Lily is produced by women who have transitioned out of homelessness in the Los Angeles area. A lush mango and grapefruit profile arises from the eight-ounce nature-inspired object. Just as soothing, however, is the idea of empowering women who need more employment opportunities.