Coffee Subscriptions Worthy of Your At-Home Brewing Routine

11 of our favorite roasters providing fresh beans and tips

Ordering a subscription from a coffee roaster says much more than “I like your coffee;” it declares “I trust you.” Thus, the ritual of making coffee in the morning (or all day) develops into a deeper understanding of the coffee brand you support. Whether purchasing from a local roaster or ordering from a favorite further away, buying from independent companies connects coffee-drinkers to coffee-growing countries …

Lotta Gold Coffee Cup


Standing three inches by three inches, with room for eight fluid ounces of coffee or tea, New York tableware company Hudson Wilder’s Lotta Gold cup proves sleek and simple. Its handblown, heat-resistant borosilicate glass construction ensures that the mug will not crack when introduced to cold liquids or surfaces, or burn those touching it when hot contents are poured inside. Summery but apt for all …


Understanding Jot’s Concentrated “Ultra Coffee”

A scoop-sized serving of 20x strength coffee yields endless options and far less waste

Unlike cold brew, which is generally made at double- or triple-strength from soaking coarse coffee grounds in cold water for upwards of 24 hours, Jot‘s newly launched concentrate—which they refer to as “Ultra Coffee”—is brewed quickly and bottled at 20 times the strength. It can be turned into a delectable iced drink or a fine cup of hot coffee simply by following the preparation instructions: …