MW65 Headphones


Equipped with Google’s Voice Assistant and Active Noise-Cancelling tech, Master & Dynamic’s new MW65 headphones are available now—and look, feel and sound fantastic. The MW65 melds this ANC technology with their established line without compromising the sound quality they’ve come to be known for. In spite of all the features, they’re easy to set up and manage. Additionally, they come with a 3.5mm cord in …


Grown-To-Order Headphones Made From Fungus

Korvaa has developed headphones made of fungus, biomaterials and 3D-printed plastics derived from the lactic acid found in yeast. The leather-like material that covers the foam ear-pads is actually fungal mycelium, while the firm but adjustable headband is made from the aforementioned 3D-printed plastics. Despite not being in production (yet), the prototype is proof that companies can rely on alternative sustainable materials to produce a …

Ria Headphone Bag


Made in collaboration with Kvadrat and Raf Simons, B&O’s new headphone case is made from Ria 0281 fabric—new worsted-spun wool with just a little nylon and viscose. The organic-looking pattern reflects the sustainable nature of the material, and the fabric-covered inner helps to protect your headphones. With a simple zip closure, this case is a super-practical but sophisticated accessory.