Panda Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones


A first of its kind in the industry, the Drop + THX “Panda” hi-fi headphones employ planar-ribbon drivers (thanks to THX AAA amp technology) and LDAC bluetooth tech by Sony as part of a proprietary 3P Signal Path to deliver remarkable sound. Available wired or without (at 30 hours of playback), these headphones offer studio-quality audio and a hefty frame comprised of aluminum and luxe …


TMA-2 HD Headphones


With ultra-high definition sound, courtesy of bio-diaphragm speaker units that drastically reduce distortion, AIAIAI’s TMA-2 HD headphones deliver unmatched precision. Their Alcantara-wrapped pads are filled with memory foam that retains the wearer’s ear shape, reducing use-related discomfort and the likelihood of headaches. On a full battery, these will last through 16 hours of playback.


AirFly Pro


As Bluetooth earbuds and headphones become more prevalent, many users are now accustomed to frustration when confronted by entertainment systems on airplanes, in gyms or rental cars. Allowing you to connect your wireless headphones to these screens is the AirFly Pro: a dongle that plugs into a standard jack. This little gadget can wirelessly connect to two sets of headphones and has a 16+ hour …