F1s SenSonic Sex-Tech Console + Developer Kit


LELO’s latest high-tech masturbation sleeve, the F1s, might look like a simple cylinder but that minimal design masks unmatched capabilities in the sex-tech sector. The handheld console itself provides intensity controls for its sonic waves, pleasure grooves on the silicone sleeve for additional sensation, and numerous performance sensors—but it also comes with a dedicated developer kit than enables tinkering and customization within the paired LELO …


LELO Celebrates Sexuality in Design

The brand encourages togetherness, enjoyment and experimentation with their UnDesign Awards

For 11 years now, Swedish design brand LELO has envisioned and created toys for pleasure that take into account sexual stimulation as much as exquisite design sensibilities. Their products are objects of which to be proud—not shy about—and the ultimate reward is fulfillment. Noticing a shift toward isolation and loss of connectivity (primarily related to our collective inability to separate ourselves from our mobile phones), …

Lelo’s World Cup of Sex Survey, 2014

The best way to find out which countries are really scoring this summer

While sports fans globally affix themselves to television sets for each and every World Cup game, luxury sex toy brand LELO wants to remind us that there’s a lot of other international game play taking place during the hours in-between. The Swedish brand has been conducting a global sex survey every year since 2009 and this year is set to be the biggest to date. …