Wonderboom 2 Speaker


The next generation of Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom is the Wonderboom 2: while still portable, Bluetooth-capable, long-lasting and loud, this new iteration has some unbeatable features. New to this iteration is stereo-pairing with another Wonderboom 2, some 13 hours of playback, and a new fabric exterior. We especially enjoy its “outdoor mode,” which equalizes the speaker’s output and ultimately improves its ability to cut through noise …


The IKEA + Sonos SYMFONISK Collection

Minimal decor elements with double the functionality

Previewed at Salone del Mobile, Sonos and IKEA‘s SYMFONISK collection—speakers that moonlight as lamps and shelves—accentuates each brand’s best attributes. By taking what IKEA does best (producing simple designs at affordable prices) and what Sonos creates (high-quality audio systems that can integrate seamlessly), the SYMFONISK collection is a splendid amalgamation of the talents of two giants—and one that reduces clutter and the number products needed to …

The Luna Smart Lamp Addresses Four Needs

Cluttering-eliminating and multifunctional, the device is available for pre-order now

Bedside tables often act as catchalls for every tech accessory we’re convinced we need—whether it be wireless chargers, smart lights, voice assistants or speakers. There’s little room left when all are involved. But, thanks to Italy-based brand Woodie Milano, a new product, which debuted at CES 2019 and is available for pre-order now, seeks to clear your precious space without sacrificing any of the necessities. …