Touring Suntory’s Inventive Osaka Plant

Exclusive access to the home of Roku gin, Haku vodka and numerous other spirits

On the same insightful adventure that offered us access to Suntory‘s single malt whisky distilleries, we toured the brand’s mysterious Osaka plant. Unlike their other production centers, Osaka isn’t open to the public—and our access provided a unique perspective on meticulous development and execution, as well as an altogether spirited ethos. In Osaka, Suntory produces its Haku vodka, Roku gin and an array of Japan-only …

Cold Café Au Lait


A non-alcoholic standout in Suntory’s beverage portfolio, BOSS Coffee is a line of canned, caffeinated drinks. One of our favorites from the range, the Cold Café Au Lait, is now available stateside after years of success in Japan. Its perfectly proportioned formula of flash-brewed coffee, cream and sweetness afford easy drinking in all seasons. For the listed price you’ll receive 12 eight-ounce cans (with the …


From Yamazaki to Hakushu: Exploring Suntory’s Single Malt Distilleries

Witnessing the nature that envelops the birthplaces of Japanese's prestigious whiskies

Trekking the Kentucky Bourbon Trail or carving along the Highlands of Scotland on a scotch whisky tour, expert and novice travelers observe that distilleries differentiate themselves through water, wood and their particular method in bringing it all together. Thousands of miles from those well-traveled routes, and separated by a four-and-a-half hour drive through the Japanese countryside, Suntory‘s Hakushu and Yamazaki distilleries do much the same. …