Trace New York’s Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Five hand-blended scents of the utmost quality

Trace New York‘s founder Tony Olsen spent years in the world of interior design. Hailing from San Francisco, he worked in the Bay Area until a move to NYC in 2001 and now, 17 years later, he is launching Trace—a fragrance brand at the intersection of his passions—to provide scents that claim no gender, much like the essential oils he once loved wearing. Olsen has hand-blended and …

Tanner Goods Launches BĀS: II Collection

A military-vibed unisex range, inspired by fictional, futuristic optimists

The second release from Tanner Goods‘ sci-fi inspired collection, named BĀS: II, is a sprawling line of unisex, military-inspired vintage finds, one-off goods, and reworked classics. The inspiration was drawn from fictional, peaceful, roving futuristic optimists. Beyond the narrative the brand dreamt up, the collection is rooted in the utilization of long-lasting materials and timeless styles (in particular, the garments engineered to meet the specifications …

Tanner Goods

Herb Grinder


A dual functioning grinder and storage container, this CNC machined high-grade aluminum object uses Neodymium magnets to hold together and locks airtight. It’s all made in Portland, Oregon and Tanner Goods has-laser etched their new “Stay Green” graphic on its surface to keep the message strong. As cannabis culture gets further entrenched in the luxury world (openly), this is an item that should appeal to …