Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition World Time Watches

The luxury Swiss watch brand revives an icon of international travel from 1970

With their new Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf World Time Automatic Stainless Steel Watch collection, the historic Swiss brand Zodiac looked to their illustrious legacy to revive a classic design and apply fresh flourishes. Originally introduced in 1970, the Super Sea Wolf World Time became an icon of international travel for its stylish utility. The wristwatch pairs a traditional universal Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) indicator with a bi-directional rotating bezel …

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Time-Traveling Sound Maker Exhibition in NYC

A pop-up that presents the mesmerizing relationship between sound and time

The idiom “tick-tock” includes two sounds that many of us were taught symbolize the passing of time, as they allude to the mechanical inner-workings of watches and clocks of yonder years. These onomatopoeic words may be the most well-known of all sounds associated with time-telling, but they’re far from the only ones. To step into luxury Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre‘s The Sound Maker exhibition, open now …

Legacy Leather Strap


There’s more than an elegant asymmetry to Accutron’s Legacy watch, which honors the brand’s iconic “521” model from the ’60s. This new gold-toned stainless steel model, limited to 600 numbered pieces, is powered by Accutron’s Swiss-made automatic movement (visible through an open caseback). Further, a lizard-embossed brown leather strap rounds out the inspired, contemporary design language.