Cool Hunting Editions Starfleet Machine

A deep space inspired table clock unlike one you've ever seen before

For years now, we’ve followed the work of Max Büsser, the mastermind behind horological design house MB&F. His distinct timepieces represent mind-bending innovation and eccentric inspiration, all hand-crafted, in an industry that more often than not sticks to its roots. When Büsser announced a partnership with Switzerland’s oldest clockmaker, L’Epée 1839, the Starfleet Machine was conceived. Two years’ worth of work went into developing a …

Art of the Italian Two Wheel

A homage to 1960s and '70s Italian motorcycle design, on show in NYC

Stuart Parr’s expansive collection of vintage Italian motorcycles is a sight to see, so we took a trip to 285 Madison Avenue in New York City where Parr is currently exhibiting a selection of his beautiful bikes. While there, renowned motorcycle historian Ian Falloon gave us a rundown of the design and engineering behind the mechanical masterpieces. The “Art of the Italian Two Wheel” is …

Union Surfboards

Shaping custom surfboards for New York City's dedicated surfing community

Founded by Chris Williams and Jeff Schroeder, Union Surfboards is a small custom board company based in Brooklyn, NY. Focused on making unique boards that are specifically crafted to each individual, Union Surfboards aims to make sure each customer achieves the best ride possible. Williams walked us through the shaping process and gave us a lesson on the basics of surfboard construction.