Anson Calder’s Handmade Leather Bags and Accessories

How tinkering with paper turned into a luxury brand with purpose

Minimalist leather goods (bags especially) are a dime a dozen, but Anson Calder‘s hand-crafted bags and accessories emphasize modularity and functionality, making them worth a second look. Much like sushi, which masks its need for good ingredients, technical skill and balance in what appears to be a simple dish of rice and fish, we’re impressed by the brand’s focus on practical solutions to everyday needs married …

The Bandana’s Fascinating History

The bandana, an accessory oftentimes associated with various subcultures, has roots and uses of which many might not be aware—the “handkerchief code,” Japanese fashion and cowboy-style included. With a history dating back to 17th century South Asia and the Middle East, it’s carried a rotating slew of connotations—from resistance to violence, Americana and hip-hop culture—that have immortalized and, sometimes, subverted, its uses. Read more at …

Feng Suave: Venus Flytrap

From Amsterdam-based Feng Suave, “Venus Flytrap” is a beautifully slow-moving track. With psychedelic and indie influences, the intricacies of the song are the high points; be it subtle chirping of birds or lyrics detailing a love story told through the eyes of a bug trapped in the mouth of a Venus Flytrap. The result is a dreamy, sun-drenched tune.